Best men’s hair product for a matte finish (Top 10)

The matte finish is by far the most preferred by most men today. Most don’t want to walk around with shiny hair. This is evident even with most of the male celebrities that are on magazine covers and TV screens. Are you interested in finding out the best men’s hair product for a matte finish? First, let’s find out what they’re all about.

Matte products are manufactured to absorb light and not have a shiny look. A matte look works best with short hair. Shiny products tend to make short hair appear greasier than it is. A matte finish portrays a more put-together look.

Best men’s hair product for a matte finish

The products mentioned in this review are manufactured with a matte finish in mind.

Baxter of California Clay Pomade for Men

best men's hair product for matte finish

This clay pomade leaves your hair with a matte finish and a firm hold without appearing greasy.

It has a long-lasting hold and works well on any hair type. The product is light on the hair and doesn’t leave any residue after application. It can be applied to either dry or damp hair.

As the name suggests, this product contains clay that manages to hold hair well and may last all day. With this product, it is easy to restyle the hair in the course of the day.

This styling pomade is ideal for “bulking up” thin hair to give an appearance of thicker hair.

Like several other products listed in this review, this pomade is also a water-soluble product, which means it’s easy to wash out. No residue is left after you’ve rinsed it out.


Layrite Natural Matte Cream

best men's hair product for matte finish

This styling cream has a clean matte finish that leaves your hair with the natural look that you desire.

It creates a flexible hold for a wide variety of styles. Because of its lightweight formula, this cream does not weigh down hair. This product’s medium hold stays in place the whole day.

For best results, apply a small amount of the styling cream on dry hair. It applies like a lotion but once dry, it holds hair well. If you are after a softer look, you can apply the cream on wet hair.

This product doesn’t make hair frizzy and is also great in locking in moisture and leaving your hair with some shine.

The cream requires some water when it’s time to restyle. The water reactivates the product.

Since the cream is water-soluble, it’s easy to wash it out at the end of the day. It leaves no residue on hair after washing.


Mitch Reformer Texturizing Hair Putty

best men's hair product for matte finish

This styler from the Paul Mitchell line gives hair a matte finish and has a powerful hold that lasts for the better part of the day.

It is a lightweight product that doesn’t weigh down hair after application. The styler also doesn’t grease hair.

It’s easy to restyle hair with this product without much fuss. It works well with various types of hair but is most ideal for fine or thin hair due to its ability to bulk up the hair.

This styler will leave your hair with a gritty and modern texture.

For best results, use a small amount on damp or dry hair and style as required for a matte finish. It’s easy to wash off at the end of the day.


Shear Revival Northern Lights Matte Paste

best men's hair product for matte finish

This product gives hair a matte finish with a more natural shine. It has a firm hold on hair that is not too heavy but just weighted enough to keep hair intact. There are no strays for the rest of the day. It’s most ideal for short hairstyles and a little goes a long way.

In high temperatures, it can give way to some stray strands but overall, its hold is lasting. This product allows for restyling as well.

It can be used on hair that has been pre-styled or as a pre-styler itself for a better look. It’s easy to apply and distribute on all the hair evenly without any hassle.

The Calendula extract contained in the product helps in dandruff prevention, while Kaolin Clay – another ingredient – is instrumental in promoting hair elasticity.

For best results, this paste should be applied on dry hair  It requires only one wash with shampoo to get the product off.


Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay

best men's hair product for matte finish

This styling clay has a powerful hold with a matte finish, giving you a natural look. The hold is strong on thin hair and a medium on thick hair.

It works well to give thin hair a bulky look, which results in a full-body appearance that will stay intact all day long. It’s easy to style hair after applying this clay.

As the name suggests, it’s made using clay and may require a few drops of water to smoothen before applying on hair. It applies easily on thin hair but may take more time to distribute on thick hair.

This styling clay is very effective in taming stubborn hair strands. Another big advantage when using this styling clay is that it’s easy to wash out.

The last thing to note is that this product has chemicals.


American Crew Boost Powder with Matte Finish

best men's hair product for matte finish

This weightless powder has a matte finish and is most ideal for men with thin hair. It gives thin hair a good lift without being too heavy and greasy.

The powder may not be ideal for thick hair because of its hair thickening ingredients that may make thick hair bulkier.

This product has a flexible hold and doesn’t dry hair after application. The propylene glycol contained in the powder actually helps the hair to retain its natural moisture and makes it softer.

It’s an ideal product to style especially short hair with and doesn’t leave chunks of residue on the hair. Use it with a boosting cream to get the best thickening results.

For best results, apply a small amount of the powder to dry hair and evenly distribute it.

The powder is pretty easy to wash off at the end of the day.


Hanz de Fuko Claymation – Premium Men’s Hair Styling Clay

best men's hair product for matte finish

This is a product manufactured to have a super high hold with a matte finish. It’s most ideal for men who are after a more natural shine on their hair.

Upon application of this styling clay, your hair can be easily styled. It’s easy to restyle hair after some time without having to add any other product, though restyling can make the hair lose some of its hold.

Apply this clay on dry hair to achieve the best results. Moreover, you can apply it on towel-dried hair to give thin hair a bulky appearance.

This styling clay contains castor oil that promotes hair growth. It also has sunflower oil that helps in locking in moisture, thus keeping the hair healthy. Jojoba oil – another ingredient – is responsible for moisturizing the mane and preventing breakage.

Since this is an oil-based product, it leaves the hair a bit greasy but it is easily rinsed out using shampoo.


Mister Pompadour Natural Beeswax Paste

best men's hair product for matte finish

This styling paste is ideal for you if you prefer a high hold with a natural matte finish.

The product doesn’t appear greasy or leave any residue on your hair. Its superior hold lasts all day if the hair is left alone without running hands through it.

It works with all hair types – all lengths, types, and styles. This paste makes it easy to restyle hair and doesn’t require any other product or water to be used when restyling.

The lanolin wax contained in this product conditions your hair while providing a flexible hold.

The key ingredient – purified beeswax – is instrumental in helping the hair retain moisture, thus keeping it soft and manageable.

Soy protein, another ingredient, helps in repairing the hair shaft and adding luster to the hair.

For best results, scoop a small amount of the paste and rub on palms to make it warm and easy to distribute. For long hair, it works best when hair it towel-dry after washing.

This product is water-soluble, making it easy to rinse out at the end of the day.

It’s cruelty-free and doesn’t contain drying alcohols, parabens or sulfates.


Challenger Matte Cream Pomade (Medium Firm Hold)

best men's hair product for matte finish

This product gives hair a matte finish that looks totally natural. It has a medium-firm hold that will keep all types of hair in place for a whole day.

Despite having a powerful hold, it doesn’t feel heavy on the hair nor does it appear greasy.

It can be easily used on all types of hair including all lengths. For best results, apply the pomade to damp or towel-dried hair.

The product easy to get from the container and apply on hair without any hassle. It easily dissolves in water making it easy to restyle after some time and also wash off.

Sometimes, you may not even require shampoo to rinse it out.

It’s made using natural products that are ideal for healthy hair and scalp. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that may cause scalp irritation.

The product is also cruelty-free.


Hair Craft Co. Clay Pomade – Shine-Free Matte Finish

best men's hair product for matte finish

This pomade leaves the users’ hair with a matte finish with a natural shine to their mane. It has a medium hold and doesn’t leave any residue on hair after application.

It also doesn’t weigh down hair because it’s a lightweight product. The pomade leaves hair feeling natural and soft all day long. It’s also easy to wash off.

It’s made using natural organic products making it healthy to both the hair and scalp. It contains beeswax, bentonite clay, kaolinite clay, and an oil blend in it.

Due to the amount of clay in it, it can be hard to work on hair without having to take time to rub it in. To achieve the best results, you’ll need to pour a few drops of water on it for easier use.

It is free from any harsh chemicals and is cruelty-free.



Most products with a matte finish work best alone. However, a little pre-styler can be applied to hair if desired.

Some of them can also be used for the slicked-back hairstyle that looks quite neat on the guys.

Most of the products reviewed above are water-soluble meaning they can be rinsed out easily at the end of the day.

These products work best with all types of hair. So, if you are not into excessively shiny hair, try out the best men’s hair product for a matte finish. You can easily pick one from this review.

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