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Can I Use Onion Juice On Hair Daily?

When I lost a chunk of my edges to traction alopecia, I was desperate to do whatever it would take to grow them back.

As I was doing my research, I learned that using onion juice on my hair would actually help me in my quest to grow back my edges.

I remember asking the lady who introduced me to the world of onion juice: “Can I use onion juice on hair daily?”

If you are wondering how an onion – a common kitchen vegetable – can be used on hair, you didn’t misread it.

Yes, you read that right.

Juice extracted from fresh onions can be used on hair.

It is mainly used for treating damaged hair and is a concept that has been in existence for centuries.

can i use onion juice on hair daily

Benefits Of Onion Juice For Hair

You may not have heard of it, but using onion juice is one of the oldest hair remedies.

Onions contain sulfur – a nutritional element – which is used by your hair, especially in terms of growth and strengthening the strands.

Onion juice is pretty beneficial for your hair.

The most prominent benefits are listed below.


Reversing The Effects Of Alopecia

Onion juice can be used to remedy alopecia, which is the general term for hair loss.

There are different forms of alopecia.

In my case, I suffered traction alopecia, which is gradual hair loss caused by tight hairstyles (I’d personally been wearing tight braids).

There is also alopecia areata which is a hair loss condition where hair comes off in patches across your head.

At first, these patches may not be noticeable but they connect with time.

If left untreated, alopecia can result in complete hair loss.

There is no known cure for alopecia, only remedies to control and even reverse its effects.

A small study done on people with traction areata showed that rubbing onion juice on your scalp will not only reverse hair loss but also boost growth.

The key to all your hair-related issues may just be at your home.

Can I use onion juice on hair daily
Hair Loss

I’ve been using onion juice for a couple of months now and I’m glad to report that my edges have started to grow back.

I’ll be posting some photos of my progress soon.

Onion juice is also used to remedy thinning hair, dry/brittle hair, and some scalp infections too.

It is a surprisingly effective liquid that anyone can easily make and use at home.


Remedy For Dandruff

One of the biggest menaces for hair is dandruff.

This condition is known to take over your scalp and cause absolute mayhem.

When you are suffering from dandruff, you not only have the itchiest scalp but also excessive white flakes will not quit coming out no matter how much you clean your hair.

Onion juice is one of the world’s oldest remedies for dandruff and an itchy scalp.

Onions are known to have anti-bacterial properties that help reduce the effects of the condition.

The anti-bacterial properties work by killing off the bacteria and fungus that cause dandruff.

It helps to also nourish your scalp, therefore reducing itchiness due to dry skin.

Apart from the anti-bacterial properties, onions contain a variety of vitamins and nutrients – including sulfur – which are highly effective in reducing dandruff.


Promote Hair Growth

Onion juice contains vital minerals and vitamins including sulfur.

When you apply onion juice to your hair and scalp, this sulfur is absorbed by your hair making your strands thicker and stronger.

This helps to stop hair breakage.

The sulfur contained in onion juice also stimulates the production of collagen which is responsible for healthy skin cells.

Onion juice also increases blood flow to the follicles of your hair, effectively boosting growth.


Slow Down Graying Hair

Onion juice can be used to slow down graying hair.

It does this by inducing hair enzymes which help in preventing the growth of gray hair.

There are many stories available of people who have used onion juice to slow down their gray hair.

This may sound surprising to you, but it has been done.

There is even evidence of historical accounts about the effectiveness of onions in slowing down gray hair.


Nourishes Your Hair

Damaged hair appears dull and loses its natural luster.

Regular use of onion juice can help restore the natural shine and glow of your hair.

Onion juice can help your hair to become healthy and bouncy once more.

With continuous use, this shine will become a permanent feature for your hair.


Abundance Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are vital to the health and well-being of your whole body including your scalp and hair.

They are known to prevent oxidation which causes damage to cells.

Cell damage is what leads to some diseases such as cancer.

Onions are one of the most important tubers because of their abundance of antioxidants.

They are known to contain over 20 different flavonoid antioxidants.

Regular use of onion juice will supply your scalp and hair with these important antioxidants, effectively improving the health and appearance of your mane.


How To Make Onion Juice 

There are several ways you can make onion juice for hair growth.

You can choose to make the onion juice using onions only.

Alternatively, you can add other ingredients and gain from their benefits and counter the strong onion smell.

I’ve looked at three methods below.


Method 1: Onion Juice And Apple Juice

Not only does apple juice help in preventing dandruff, but it also helps in adding some shine to your hair.

These are great benefits to add to the onion juice advantages.


  • One red apple
  • Two red onions

How it’s made:

  • Slice the onion into small chunks and place them into a juicer
  • Extract the apple juice and place it on a small mixing bowl
  • Peel and dice the onions. Place them on the juicer
  • Extract the onion juice and mix it with the apple juice
  • Massage the mixture into the hair and scalp, ensuring to cover your hair completely
  • Leave it on for an hour then wash off with shampoo and conditioner

You don’t need to have a juicer or a blender to make onion juice.

You can use the method shown in the video below:


Method 2: Onion Juice And Olive Oil

The addition of olive oil is great because it helps to make your hair glossy by conditioning your scalp and hair strands.

It’s also a great remedy for dandruff.

These are great benefits to add to the onion juice’s perks.


  • Four large red onion bulbs
  • Four tbsp. of Olive oil

How it’s made:

  • Peel the onions and dice them
  • Place them in a juicer and extract the juice
  • Place the juice in a small mixing container and add the olive oil
  • Stir to mix
  • Use your fingers to rub the mixture to your scalp and hair
  • Leave it on for some time but wash it off immediately in case of any irritation.


Method 3: Onion Juice And Lemon Juice

Alongside the benefits of onion juice, lemon juice will help to promote collagen production.

Collagen is pivotal in the production of healthy skin cells and hair growth.


  • One lemon
  • Two red onions

How it’s made:

  • Slice the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a mixing bowl
  • Peel and slice the onions
  • Place them into a juicer and extract the juice
  • Mix in the onion juice with lemon juice (you can add some drops of water to reduce potency)
  • Do a skin test first to establish potency before rubbing the mixture on your hair
  • Leave on for one hour then wash off using shampoo and follow-up with conditioner


How Do You Use Onion Juice On Your Hair?

Onion juice is applied to the hair and scalp.

You simply pour the mixture on your palm and massage it into your scalp and hair.

It is advisable to mix onion juice with oil or dilute it because it is potent and can cause irritation to your skin.


Can I Use Onion Juice On Hair Daily?

It’s fine to use onion juice daily in a bid to boost hair growth.

However, the trick is to avoid applying plain onion juice directly to your hair and scalp.

This is because fresh onion juice can irritate your skin leaving it with red patches that can become itchy over time.

You can mix the onion juice with many other ingredients such as apple juice, olive oil, and lemon juice described in the section above.

You can also choose to mix the onion juice with oils such as castor, coconut, avocado, or tea tree.

Leave the mixture on your hair for an hour or overnight then wash it off using conditioner or shampoo.

I don’t encourage the daily use of shampoo because shampoo strips your hair of moisture and dries it out.

I find that washing my hair with a conditioner is the most ideal way to avoid the hair dryness that is caused by daily use of shampoo.

Using conditioner to wash your hair (aka co-washing) helps my hair retain moisture.

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Daily use of onion juice is highly recommended especially if you are suffering from extreme hair loss and scalp conditions like dandruff.

The daily absorption of sulfur will greatly benefit your hair.


Can You Leave Onion Juice On The Scalp Overnight?

You can choose to leave the onion juice mixture on overnight then wash it off in the morning.

This gives your scalp and hair enough time to benefit from it.

Once you do a stress test of the mixture and see no irritation, then you are good to go.

Generously apply the mixture on your hair from tip to root. Don’t forget the scalp too.

Wrap your hair with a plastic cap and a scarf overnight, then wash off the mixture in the morning.

I remember the first time I applied the onion juice and coconut oil mixture on my hair, I covered it with both a plastic cap and a silk scarf but my pillowcase and pillow smelt of onions when I woke up.

So nowadays I just leave the mixture on for an hour and then wash it off.

However, I know many ladies who leave the onion juice on the scalp and hair overnight and they are very comfortable with it.

I guess it all comes down to personal preferences.


How Many Days Should You Use Onion Juice For Hair Regrowth?

Using onion juice daily does not provide magical results. It may take some time to see the results that you desire.

It demands patience and constant use.

You cannot apply it today and tomorrow your hair is full and all shiny.

It may take up to two weeks to see any new growth.

From my experience, you just need to be patient and consistent.

The new hair that grows will be stronger, healthier, and have more luster as well.

If you suffer from extreme hair loss, the daily use of onion juice is highly recommended.

It will boost blood circulation on the hair follicles making them stronger and cannot easily fall off.


Onion Juice For Hair Regrowth: Does It Help Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is an issue that is commonly faced by men as they approach the age of 50 and above.

There are even cases of younger men suffering from the same due to issues like stress, genetics, and disease.

So, is it possible to reverse the effects of male pattern baldness using onion juice?

I’d explained in an earlier article that there’s no cure for male pattern baldness, although there are some medications such as minoxidil that can slow it down.

Sadly, as much as onion juice is known to promote hair growth, it cannot really help with male pattern baldness.

Can I use onion juice on hair daily


Side Effects Of Onion Juice On Hair

When properly used, onion juice is known to immensely benefit your hair.

But, it does have some side effects which you have to consider before using it.



Even if you are not allergic to onions, fresh undiluted onion juice can be highly potent.

The result will be skin irritation.

Onions are known to have very powerful compounds which are the reason why your eyes sting as you chop them (the crying effect).

The sulfur in onions can be very strong resulting in a burning sensation when you apply onion juice onto your scalp without diluting or mixing with another liquid or substance.

To avoid this irritation, always mix the onion juice with oil or other ingredients such as honey.


Itching That Results In Hair Loss

Yes, it seems ironic that onion juice causes hair growth and hair loss.

Due to the potency of onion juice, it irritates your scalp.

When this happens, you end up with dry patches of skin that itch.

You cannot resist scratching.

This constant scratching is what causes more damage to your scalp and you may end up losing patches of hair.

Fresh, undiluted onion juice causes this kind of itching.

To avoid this, always dilute it by mixing it with other ingredients such as ginger, potatoes, eggs, or garlic.

Add a few drops of essential oil such as lavender to help mask the strong onion smell.

For instance, you add a tablespoon of honey to your onion juice before applying it.


Strong Unpleasant Smell

Onions are known to have a very strong and pungent smell.

You do not want to walk around smelling like an onion all day.

This is what happens when you cover your whole head with fresh onion juice.

For some people, the intense smell is too much to the point of inducing vomit.

This is why it is important to use small quantities of onion juice mixed with a few drops of essential oils like rose oil.



Onion juice is a must-try if you want to find natural and healthy ways to grow and strengthen your hair.

I’ve personally been doing it for a couple of months and I can already see the results.

To avoid the effects of strong, undiluted onion juice, I’ll usually mix it with either lemon juice, apple juice, or olive oil and I’m good to go.

Although I could stand the strong onion smell in the beginning, I quickly learned that the trick to counter this pungent smell was to add a few drops of essential oil.

I like using peppermint oil.

Clearly, onion juice is one of the best natural remedies for hair loss and dealing with dandruff.

Try it out for yourself and see the results you get!

24 thoughts on “Can I Use Onion Juice On Hair Daily?”

  1. I went to make my hair and my hairdresser asked me to apply onion juice on my hair to stop excessive dandruff on my scalp. I came home and I did so with only onion juice blended with some water, I could not wash it off because of my new hairstyle. Since then I’ve been scratching my scalp and it’s itchy. Would it cause any dangerous thing? Please help me on what to do..

    • Hi Angel. As I’ve mentioned in the article, you have to mix the onion juice with an oil or something like apple juice – most preferably in equal ratios. When used alone (or when mixed with just water), the onion juice can cause irritation to your scalp. You also need to wash your hair after an hour or after an overnight treatment.

  2. This remedy actually helped me grow in some new hair after pregnancy. I was amazed and I did it twice a week for 1-2 months. I mixed it with coconut or olive oil.

    • Hi Gwen. I wouldn’t advise you to use onion juice for oiling purposes (whether it’s mixed with essential oils or not). It needs to be rinsed out after a while. The strong onion juice smell is also not very appealing.


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