Hello and welcome to Natural Hair Insights where I talk about all things hair. I created this blog to share my (many) hair experiences and what has worked/not worked for me.

My name is Elsie and I like experimenting with different things on my hair. As a result, I get to learn a lot about hair. I also get to learn a lot from the people around me and that’s where I derive my knowledge about men’s hair for instance.

My doll was my guinea pig when I was a kid as I taught myself how to braid hair. I eventually perfected it. I remember I’d get fascinated watching the hair coloring process everytime I visited a beauty parlor.

My hair journey has been interesting. I had chemically-treated hair since high school and it’s not until 2014 when I transitioned from relaxed to natural hair. I transitioned for ten months before going fully natural in October 2014.

The natural hair journey was amazing until I suffered from heat damage ten months later. The strands at the back of my head were really damaged and I made the decision to chop it all off. This time I didn’t transition, I just had it all chopped off and I was left with a bald head.

After gaining some length, I decided to go for a tapered cut. I guess I’m scissor happy. In the summer of 2016 I dyed my hair red. I learned a few hard lessons after swimming with colored hair that summer.

After two years of tapered cuts, dyeing, and more experiments, I started growing out my hair again. I’d wear a lot of protective styles. I maintained the best hair care practices until I lost a section of my edges at the beginning of summer in 2019 as a result of over-manipulation on my hair.

I’m glad to report that I’ve successfully managed to grow back my edges after trying out different things that I talk about on this blog.

There are many other hair mishaps that I’ve not mentioned here. You can learn from my mistakes as I talk about a variety of hair topics on this platform. You’re definitely in the right place if you’re looking to know more about:

– Home remedies that you can incorporate in your hair care regime

– How to take care of swimmers’ hair, especially if you’re a frequent swimmer

– Taking care of low porosity hair and how to keep it moisturized

– How to deal with high porosity hair that seems like an uphill task to maintain

– Growing edges after suffering from traction alopecia

– Transitioning from relaxed hair and maintaining healthy natural hair

– Different ways that men can take care of their hair to achieve the desired results

Some people think it’s crazy how I now have a head full of (healthy) hair after everything that has happened. It’s not luck. I’ve taken action to ensure that my hair is back to optimal health.

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Thanks for stopping by!

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