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Best Mousse For Braids (Top 9)

There are many ways to style textured hair, but beautiful braids are one of the most fashionable ways to protect and style your hair while making a statement.

A lot of care goes into installing and maintaining braids.

One way to keep them neat and snatched is using a styling foam or mouse.

But what’s the best mousse for braids?

I used to braid my hair a lot when I was transitioning to natural hair several years ago.

My braids would get VERY frizzy just a week after getting them installed and I’d get very frustrated.

My hairstylist came to the rescue by recommending some brands of mousse that I should try out and explained how exactly I’d use them at home.

best mousse for braids

Best Mousse For Braids – Comparison Table

AllDay Locks & Braid Foam. Reduces fraying
. Soothes scalp
. Replenishes moisture
Design Essentials Mousse. Enhances definition
. Reduces frizz
. Dries quickly
Nairobi Foaming Lotion. Tames frizz
. No flaking
. Provides silky sheen
The Doux Mousse. Flexible hold
. Hydrates the hair
. Tames frizz
Mizani Foam Wrap Mousse. Lightweight formula
. Eliminates frizz
. Hydrates hair

Vigorol Hair Mousse. Moisturizes braids
. Tames flyaways
. Prevents split ends
Creme of Nature Mousse. Flexible hold
. Provides silky sheen
. Moisturizes hair
SheaMoisture Mousse. Lightweight
. Tames frizz
. Flexible hold
tgin Rose Water Mousse . No build-up
. Natural ingredients
. Easy to apply


What Is Mousse, And How Does It Benefit Braided Hair?

First things first. What exactly is mousse?

So, a mousse is a lightweight styling product that applies like an airy foam.

It’s a fantastic alternative to curling creams and oils if you want something that isn’t going to weigh your hair down and give you less volume.


Tames Frizz And Flyaways

The roots and edges of your hair can look frizzy a few days or weeks after installing braids.

You know flyaways? Those annoying little hairs that stick out from your braids?

They can mess up perfectly good braids.

Applying mousse can tame these flyaways, strays, and baby hairs that are going crazy.

It smoothens those down to help you look more put together.

The braids look neater and more polished.


Hold And Control

When you braid your hair, you want those braids to stay in place, right?

Well, mousse is like your trusty partner in crime.

It provides a light hold that keeps your braids intact throughout the day.

So no matter how active you are, your braids won’t get messy or unravel easily.


Extra Volume

Have you ever seen those big and bouncy braids that look so cool?

Mousse can give your braids some extra volume, making them look thicker and fuller.

Speaking from experience, if you’re looking to give your braids a little extra oomph, mousse is your go-to product.

It adds volume to your hair, making your braids look thicker and more impressive.


Enhances Definition

Mousse can do wonders in giving your braids some texture and definition.

It’s like adding depth and personality to your hairstyle.

Your braids won’t look flat or boring anymore!

best mousse for braids


Soothing The Scalp

Mousse is also fantastic for soothing the scalp if there’s some tension from freshly installed braids or itching when you’ve had braids for a few weeks.

The foam provides a satisfying cooling effect that your scalp will thank you for.


Sleek Look Without Build-Up

Product buildup is a giant no-no for braids, so light and frothy mousse that pretty much melts into the hair is the perfect tool for refreshing their appearance.

Unlike gels and intense creams, mousses won’t leave a distracting cast on the hair or leave it crunchy.

It still gives you a strong hold like other products, but with a fresh, sleek, and shiny look.



We put effort into having stylish braids installed and we want them to last.

Mousse acts like a protective shield for my braids, helping them stay put and maintain their shape for a longer time.

This product allows me to enjoy my cool braided look for an extended period of time.


Best Mousse For Braids

Let’s look at some of the best brands of mousse that can be easily used on braids.


AllDay Locks & Braid Foam Control

best mousse for braids

One of the toughest things you face when wearing braids is itchiness and irritation on the scalp.

This is especially so when the braids are tight and very close to the roots.

AllDay Locks’ foam is a godsend for itchy scalps because it’s formulated with invigorating tea tree oil.

It gives the scalp a cooling sensation when the foam is applied, effectively soothing it while you go on to style and refresh your braids.

This formula is super convenient to use because it dries quickly while providing long-lasting hold.

It even reduces the chances of fraying in the days following application.

This is an awesome option if you hate frizz and don’t have time to sit around waiting for your hair to set.


  • Sets braids and reduces fraying
  • Contains tea tree oil to soothe scalp itchiness
  • Doesn’t flake even if you’re generous with it
  • Dries fast, so you don’t have to wait so long before it sets
  • Provides a long-lasting hold on the braids
  • Replenishes moisture into braids


  • The product runs out quickly, like after 2-3 weeks of regular use


Design Essentials Natural Almond and Avocado Curl Enhancing Mousse

best mousse for braids

When you’ve had your braids for a while, they may end up looking dull and limp.

What they need is good refreshing with rich and nourishing oils that bring your locks back to life!

Almond and avocado oil are the stars of this formulation.

They work together to moisturize and deeply nourish the hair to give it that luminous shine only healthy hair glows with.

Avocado oil also helps to strengthen the hair shaft and prevent any breakage or snapping.

Consider these oils as food for happy, shiny, refreshed braids.

The hold, although soft and pliable, is more than enough for braids.

This mousse makes roots with stray hairs more manageable, so you can keep rocking those gorgeous braids without mischievous flyaways.


  • Contains many rich oils, like almond, avocado, and olive oils
  • Gives the hair a luminous shine without a greasy feeling
  • Enhances the definition of hair with a pliable hold
  • Dries quickly and without flaking
  • Reduces frizz and makes hair more manageable


Nairobi Wrapp-It Shine Foaming Lotion

best mousse for braids

The Nairobi foaming lotion was designed for salon stylists, and now you can have salon-beautiful braids that are frizz-free and have a silky sheen right on your own vanity!

This foaming lotion tames frizz and is highly effective even during the most humid seasons, like summertime.

It never leaves flaking or an off-putting white residue on the hair, and never hardens it like other styling products.

In fact, it can give your braids a silky sheen almost instantly.

This makes the braids look glossy and healthy – like you just got them installed.

It also protects and repairs hair for heat styling and blow-drying, so it’s perfect for when you take your braids out and think of other creative ways to do your hair.


  • Salon-level superiority
  • Protects the hair from heat damage
  • Tames frizzy hair during humid seasons
  • Instantly provides a silky sheen to hair
  • Doesn’t harden the hair after styling
  • No flaking or white residue


  • Can give some sensitive scalps a tingling sensation


The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam

best mousse for braids

Mousse doesn’t have to be just for styling. It can be nourishing for the hair too!

This texture foam by The Doux gives you touchable hold and anti-frizz sleekness and feeds the hair some protein and moisture it needs to be thick and lustrous.

This foam doesn’t leave that annoying crunch that gels and hairsprays do.

It also doesn’t flake up on the hair.

It’s infused with natural humectants that hydrate the braids to bring back some luster and shine, while fighting frizz-causing humidity.

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It also contains protein-rich silk amino acids that strengthen the hair and make it more resilient.

Neat and refreshed braids are one thing, but healthy hair makes it ten times better.

Get your fix of hydration and strengthening with this foam.


  • Touchable and flexible hold
  • Controls the sleekness of your hairstyle
  • Natural humectants hydrate the hair for extra shine
  • Silk amino acids strengthen the hair
  • Resists frizz caused by humidity
  • Doesn’t leave crunch or flaking


  • Can weigh down hair if too much product is used


Mizani Foam Wrap Mousse

best mousse for braids

This Mizani styling mousse is just as good when used on braids as it is when used for roller sets and wraps.

It can be used on freshly installed braids to ensure they last longer, or can also be used on older, frizzy braids to make them look new.

The mousse’s lightweight formulation makes it perfect for use on braids because it doesn’t cause flaking.

This formulation also enables excellent absorption and shine.

The product contains Monoi oil that nourishes the hair by preventing protein and water loss.

When this product is used for wraps, molds, and roller sets, it has a long-lasting hold that keeps hairstyles in place.


  • It’s non-flaking
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Monoi oil helps to prevent protein loss
  • Provides the hair with hydration
  • Leaves the braids looking shiny
  • Lightweight formula


Vigorol Relaxed Hair Mousse

best mousse for braids

If it’s a creamier, more nourishing texture you’re looking for, then Vigorol has just the mousse for you.

Despite being designed for relaxed hair, this mousse is incredibly replenishing for natural hair and braids.

It contains avocado oil and jojoba oil that are rich and moisturize the hair adequately without leaving any stickiness.

This mousse also has wheat proteins to strengthen the hair, to prevent any split ends and hair breakage.

It does a terrific job of taming flyaways and baby hairs, so that your braids can get a sleek finish even after you’ve been refreshing them for a few weeks.

The best part is that it leaves every single braid silky smooth and touchable.

It only goes to show that when you care for hair correctly, it glows from the inside out.


  • Contains avocado and jojoba oils to moisturize braids
  • Has wheat proteins to strengthen the hair
  • Prevents split ends and hair breakage
  • Tames flyaway hair so you can have a sleek finish
  • Leaves hair silky-smooth for days


  • Might not have the best performance for protein-sensitive hair


Creme of Nature Argan Oil Style and Shine Foaming Mousse

best mousse for braids

Argan oil is a miracle ingredient for moisturizing textured hair, but what if I told you it’s possible to use it as a mousse too?

Crème of Nature’s innovative oil-to-mousse format allows your favorite Moroccan oil to foam up beautifully and refresh your braids.

The argan oil nourishes and moisturizes dry, damaged, and brittle hair.

Its slick and slippery texture helps hold down any frizz and flyaway baby hairs too.

It also adds a healthy sheen to the braids to make them look fresh and tidy, even if it’s been weeks or months since installation.

This mousse provides a hold on braids that is firm, but still leaves the locks touchable – and that’s exactly what you want for braids that could become frizzy and lusterless after a while.


  • Unique oil-to-foam format
  • Provides flexible and firm hold on braids
  • Contains argan oil that nourishes and adds a healthy sheen
  • Moisturizes dry and damaged hair
  • Eliminates frizz and flyaways
  • Has a fresh and pleasant smell that isn’t overpowering


  • Can end up feeling greasy if excess product is used


SheaMoisture Mousse With Tea Tree and Borage Seed Oil

best mousse for braids

This SheaMoisture mousse is a versatile and effective hair styling product with several advantages, especially for those with braids.

It helps in taming frizzy braids in a bid to achieve a smooth, polished appearance.

Many of us are careful about the kind of ingredients that are contained in our hair products.

This mousse does not disappoint because it’s formulated without parabens, which are chemicals commonly used in cosmetics as preservatives.

Paraben-free products are generally considered better for hair health as they reduce the risk of irritation and potential long-term negative effects.

Instead, the mousse is enriched with tea tree oil, borage seed oil, and aloe vera.

Tea tree oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, it can help soothe the scalp and promote a healthy environment for hair growth.

Borage seed oil, on the other hand, contains essential fatty acids that nourish the hair and scalp, helping to improve overall hair health.

Aloe vera provides moisture and hydration to the hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and manageable.

When applied, the mousse leaves behind a seamless finish, meaning it doesn’t create a sticky or crunchy texture. 

The mousse comes in a pump dispenser, making it easy to apply.

For controlling flyaways on your braids, pump a small amount into your hands and work it through the braids – starting from the roots to the ends. 


  • Tames frizz and flyaways
  • Provides a soft and flexible hold
  • Contains nourishing ingredients
  • Paraben-free formula
  • Has a light and non-greasy feel
  • Suitable for both dry and wet application


  • The effectiveness of this mousse may diminish during the day in humid weather conditions, making reapplication necessary


tgin Rose Water Defining Mousse 

best mousse for braids

This mousse from the tgin line helps to control frizz on your braids, making the protective style look more polished.

It’s formulated with ingredients like rose water and acai berries, two ingredients that help promote a healthier scalp environment, supporting overall hair growth.

Rose water is rich in antioxidants and various vitamins that offer multiple benefits for the hair.

It calms frizz, reduces excess oiliness, and supports hair growth, contributing to healthier, more manageable hair.

Paired with acai berries, the rose water contained in this mousse provides adequate moisture without making the hair feel weighed down.

This mousse is free from sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, lanolin, and artificial coloring.

Avoiding these harsh chemicals can be beneficial for maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.


  • Lightweight formula – doesn’t cause build-up
  • Helps control frizz on braids
  • Natural ingredients improve hair health
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Enhance the shine of your braids
  • Quite easy to apply
  • The scent is not appealing to some users

How To Use Mousse To Maintain Braids

A few days or weeks after first getting braids installed, you might start to notice some frizz, especially near the top of your head.

Your braids may also start looking a bit dull and lackluster.

Fortunately, all it takes is one product to tame kinky, frizzy stray hairs and bring back some shine into your beautiful locks – a light and foamy mousse.

Using a mousse is very easy and pretty much self-explanatory.

Mousses typically come in an aerosol can that dispenses product in a thick, foamy texture, similar to whipped cream.

You can either take some into your hand and distribute the product from the roots first or be more generous and spray the foam directly into your scalp.

I suggest you do the latter if you’re experiencing itching on your scalp from having the braids on for a while.

It’s imperative to do this when you have cornrows that hug your head.

While gliding and patting it across your head and roots, gently rake the mousse down the braids’ length to spread it throughout the hair.

Be mindful of how you hold your braids – you don’t want to be so rough only to end up with tiny curls peeking out of the locks.

Once the product has melted into the hair and you no longer see any white, foamy residue, carefully put your braids into a bun or low ponytail.


Wear a silk scarf over your head to avoid any kinks popping out of the braids, especially by the scalp.

This isn’t required, but it’s excellent for extra measure.

Let your hair sit for 1-2 hours, or until the mousse completely dries down.

Once you take your hair out of that bun and gently remove the scarf, your braids will have a fresh, wet look.

Say hello to sleek and shiny braids that look like they were just installed!


How Often To Apply Mousse To Braids

Knowing the right frequency to apply mousse is important to keep your braids looking sleek and polished.

It also helps to keep your hair healthy.


First Time

When you first braid your hair and apply mousse, make sure to cover your braids with the product.

Mousse plays a crucial role in keeping your braids in place and giving them a nice texture.

However, be cautious not to use too much mousse, as it can make your hair feel sticky and heavy.


Apply When Needed

After the initial application, you might find it necessary to use mousse every day or whenever your braids start looking messy.

How often you apply mousse depends on your hair type and your daily activities.

For those with hair prone to frizz, a little mousse in the morning can work wonders in maintaining a polished appearance.


Active Days

On days when you’re highly active or sweating a lot, your braids might need extra attention.

Mousse can be your ally in taming frizz and ensuring your braids look tidy, even after a workout or busy day.


At Night

It’s not advisable to keep mousse in your braids while you sleep.

Instead, use a satin bonnet to protect your braids during the night.

This simple step will help your braids maintain their shape and look fresh when you wake up.


Don’t Use Too Much

It’s essential to exercise caution and not use too much mousse every day.

Overusing mousse can make your hair appear greasy and weigh down your braids, making them lose their charm.

If you notice an excess of mousse in your hair, it’s time to wash it and start anew.


Watch Your Braids

Stay attentive to how your braids look and feel throughout the day.

If you notice your braids losing their shape or appearing disheveled, it’s a sign that a little bit of mousse can bring them back to life and make them look better.

best mousse for braids


Applying Mousse In Different Weather Conditions

Let’s talk about how mousse can help your braids look great in different weather conditions:


Hot Weather

You know how it gets all hot and sweaty in the summer?

Mousse keeps your braids from getting messy and frizzy.

The lightweight formula of mousse ensures that your hair doesn’t feel weighed down or sticky.

It also adds a protective layer to your braids, shielding them from the humidity and heat that can make them lose their shape.

So, in hot weather, applying mousse to your braids can be a game-changer, helping you maintain a stylish look despite the heat.


Cold Weather

When it’s cold outside, the air tends to be drier, which can lead to static and flyaways in your hair.

But don’t worry, mousse can save the day!

It hydrates your braids and adds an extra layer of defense against the cold, dry air.

It also protects your braids from the dry air, so they don’t get all frizzy and messy.

With mousse, your braids will stay in place and look fabulous even in chilly weather.


Humid Weather

Humid weather can be a nightmare for hairstyles, but mousse always comes to the rescue!

When the air is humid, our hair tends to frizz and lose definition.

Mousse creates a barrier around your braids, so they don’t absorb all that extra moisture from the air, which causes frizz.

The hold and texture provided by mousse will keep your braids looking fresh and structured despite the humidity.

So, in humid weather, mousse can be your go-to product for keeping your braids under control and frizz-free.

best mousse for braids


Rainy Weather

Rainy days can be a bit tricky for hairstyles, but mousse is here to help!

Mousse with water-resistant powers will be your best friend during rainy weather.

It makes sure your braids stay put even if they get a little wet.

Moreover, the hold mousse gives to your braids will keep them from looking messy, even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside.


Storing And Traveling With Mousse Products

Let’s talk about how to store and travel with your mousse products to keep your hair game on point.


Storing Mousse At Home

When you’re not using your mousse, it’s like having a special treasure that needs to be kept safe.

Make sure to keep the cap or lid tightly closed to prevent air from getting in.

Air exposure can cause the mousse to dry out or lose its effectiveness.

Find a nice spot in your room, like a drawer or a shelf, where you can keep your mousse.

It’s essential to keep it away from places that are too hot or too sunny, like near a window, as this can affect its performance.

Proper storage ensures your mousse stays fresh and ready for your next braiding adventure.


Traveling With Mousse

If you’re going on a fun trip or vacation and want to bring your mousse with you, it’s super easy!

First, check the size of your mousse bottle to ensure it complies with airline travel regulations if you’re flying.

Smaller travel-sized bottles are available for many mousse products, making it easy to take them in your carry-on luggage.

And to avoid any messy surprises, put the mousse bottle in a resealable plastic bag or a small toiletry bag.

If you’re traveling in a car, make sure to keep your mousse in a safe spot where it won’t spill.



Styling is a huge part of maintaining neat and snatched braids, and mousse is arguably the best product to use without weighing your hair down and causing product build-up.

Mousse plays a vital role in keeping your braids in place, adding volume, and taming frizz and flyaways, and making your braids look polished and neat.

Moreover, the right mousse can transform your braids, making them appear thicker, well-defined, and stylish throughout the day.

Remember, choosing the right mousse formulated for specific weather conditions can make a significant difference in how your braids look and feel.

Mousse is versatile and can adapt to various weather challenges, ensuring your braided hairstyle remains beautiful and well-maintained, regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way!

Finding the perfect mousse for your braids allows you to unleash your creativity and enjoy the transformative effects it brings to your hairstyles.

If you’ve been wondering what’s the best mousse for braids, I hope this review can help you to pick a brand that can work well for you.

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