Best men’s hair gel with sunscreen

We all understand just how important it is to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. That’s a no brainer because many skincare products are made with SPF in them. But, is sunscreen a necessary ingredient for our hair care products too? I found myself thinking about it when my friend bought a hair gel with sunscreen in it. Men’s hair gel with sunscreen is a good weapon to have in your arsenal.

I was curious about why the manufacturer included sunscreen in this product. My friend let me know that his barber had noticed some sun damage on his hair after a recent trip abroad and recommended the purchase.

Because he had dyed his hair before he left, there were noticeable spots where it was discolored and his scalp was extra sensitive. This is how the barber knew he had suffered sun damage on his hair and scalp.

Best men’s hair gel with sunscreen

The following are two of the popular men’s hair gel with sunscreen that a lot of users swear by.

They also help a lot when you are styling your hair for the day.

Aveda Pure Formance Firm Hold Gel for Men

men's hair gel with sunscreen

This product is the one my friend bought and got me on the quest to find out more about men’s hair care products with sunscreen.

This gel contains UVA protectors whose function is to protect the hair from dryness brought on by direct exposure to sunshine.

It offers a long-lasting hold on your hair while leaving it with a shine that lasts for the better part of the day. It can be used for the slicked-back hairstyle that looks quite neat on the guys.

It’s a lightweight product that’s easy to distribute on the hair.

For best results, get a small amount of the gel on your palms and apply it evenly through your hair. It’s best to let it dry naturally.

The gel is easy to wash off and doesn’t leave any greasy residue.

It contains organic products like lavender, spearmint, castor oil, honey, sunflower seed oil, among other ingredients.


American Crew Medium Hold Spray Gel

men's hair gel with sunscreen

This is a hair gel that comes in a spray bottle.

It contains sunscreen that protects the hair from harmful UV rays. Apply it especially if you spend long hours under direct sunlight.

This product is alcohol-free. Alcohol is known to damage hair by drying it out. This results in brittle hair, an itchy scalp and even flaking.

This gel can be used in place of water to wet your hair before you venture out to the swimming pool or the ocean.

It comes in handy also when you need to wet your hair before styling.

It has a medium hold on hair meaning you can still change up your hairstyle at any time of the day. You can use this product to moisturize your hair.

For best results, spray a generous amount of the gel on your hair depending on the length and ensure that every strand is well-coated.

It’s a great way to add thickness to thin hair while adding some shine to it.

This gel doesn’t flake and is easy to wash off at the end of the day.


The importance of using hair products with sunscreen

It is important for men to use hair care products that have this essential ingredient in them.

Harmful UV rays cause as much damage to the hair as they do to the skin.

This means that if you know you’re going to spend a lot of time in the sun, it is advisable to get a hair product that protects your hair.

Just a little research reveals how many great hair products are available in the market that contain sunscreen in them.

They protect your hair by acting as a shield against those harmful rays.

When you use these products, the UV rays cannot penetrate and therefore cannot damage your hair.

Hair products with sunscreen also help to restore damaged hair to its former state.

These products almost always contain other ingredients like essential oils that keep your hair moisturized with a glossy look.

When your hair is well moisturized, it doesn’t dry out easily. The sunscreen then blocks out the sun and no moisture is lost from it.

The sunscreen in these products sips down to your scalp and coats the skin. This means the skin on your head gets protected from the harmful UV rays as well.

If you don’t protect the scalp, the sun can burn it resulting in sunburns and even more damage to the root of your hair.


Signs of sun-damaged hair

There are several signs that will make you know if your hair (and scalp) has suffered from sun damage.

These are some of the signs that my friend’s barber noticed on his sun-damaged hair.


Long-term exposure to the sun results in discoloration, especially if you have dyed your hair.

This is what happened to my friend. He had patches on his head where the dye was discolored as a result of sun damage.

The rays of the sun acted like bleach and removed the color from his hair.


Without a proper hair care routine, your hair is bound to dry up when you spend time in direct sunlight.

This is because all moisture evaporates from it, leaving it dry and very brittle.

When you get back home from a long day at the beach, check to see how your hair looks.

Chances are it’s very dry and brittle if you didn’t take the necessary precautions to protect it.

Split ends

Dryness caused by moisture being removed from your hair means you’re left with very fragile strands and cuticles.

These dehydrated strands and cuticles are prone to cracking.

These leads to plenty of split ends unless you incorporate a proper hair care regimen.


One of the reasons that frizz because of damage. In this case, sun damage can cause your hair to dry up and look all frizzy.

The split ends that come as a result of sun damage do not help matter. They can make your hair to look more frizzy.

Itchy scalp

Due to a lot of the moisture being removed from the hair after exposure to the sun, you not only end up with dry hair but with a dry scalp as well.

A dry scalp can be very itchy and uncomfortable. The more you scratch your scalp, the more damage you cause to the skin.

Excessive scratching can even result in redness and painful wounds.

Increased scalp sensitivity

The scalp is already a sensitive part of our bodies; so increased sensitivity can very uncomfortable.

When you get severe sunburns on your scalp, it can lead to the skin on your head becoming more sensitive.

It can even get to a point where washing your hair can be an unpleasant experience.

The sensitivity can also be felt when you try to hold your hair in a ponytail if you have long hair.



There are different products available for men that are essential for hair protection against sun damage.

My friend is living proof that they work because his hair has never looked better.

Although we have focused on the best men’s hair gel with sunscreen in this post, there are many other products such as creams and balms that do an equally wonderful job.

It’s better to start using a product with UV protection before the damage occurs than to find ways of reversing the damage.

Get a hair product with sunscreen and/or a good hat when you know you’ll be spending most of the day in direct sunlight.

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