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Best shampoo for color-treated hair with dandruff

Once you color your hair, the rules change. You can’t use the same products as before. There are special shampoos, conditioners, and other products formulated for dyed hair. In case you get dandruff, the same applies. Ever wondered what the best shampoo for color-treated hair with dandruff is?

Any shampoo that you purchase to treat dandruff must be color-friendly. If it’s not, it might result in fading.

Walking around with dandruff is one of the most uncomfortable feelings.  The itchiness and flakes are unbearable.

You must get a good shampoo that can restore balance, offering relief from dandruff.

At the same time, that shampoo must not interfere with the color. 

Ingredients to look for in an anti-dandruff shampoo

Some of the causes of dandruff include a fungus called Malassezia that feeds on oils on the scalp, a weakened immune system, dry skin, hormonal fluctuations, irritated and oily skin, infrequent shampooing, and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

There are ingredients that should be on the ingredients label of anti-dandruff shampoo.

Some of these key ingredients include:


Salicylic acid

This active ingredient in anti-dandruff shampoos eliminates all build-up and flakes.

It does this by increasing the moisture in skin (scalp) cells and loosens the attachment between cells.

This makes it easier for the flakes to shed off.

It also provides much-needed relief.



This ingredient is a fungicide. It removes the Malassezia that contributes to the production of dandruff.

Most shampoos containing this ingredient should be massaged into the scalp and left on for five minutes before rinsing it out.

Shampoos containing ketoconazole can be used twice a week for effective dandruff control.


Coal tar

This ingredient helps to reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation.

Shampoos containing this ingredient should be rinsed out thoroughly; because the treated scalp area can be sensitive to sunlight.

The cleansers that contain this active ingredient are meant to not only offer relief from dandruff but also address conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Zinc pyrithione

This active ingredient has anti-fungal properties that help to control dandruff by reducing yeast production.

It also eliminates dead cells from the scalp.

You can use a shampoo with Zinc pyrithione on a daily basis because this ingredient is gentler than many anti-dandruff ingredients.


Selenium sulfide

This ingredient in anti-dandruff shampoos works to remove all the yeast on your scalp.

The yeast – if not removed – becomes the perfect breeding ground for dandruff.

Selenium sulfide is not ideal for use on color-treated hair because it can cause fading.

Anti-dandruff shampoos containing selenium sulfide should be used once or twice a week only.


Best shampoo for color-treated hair with dandruff

It is advisable to go for a shampoo with a pH value close to the natural pH of your scalp and hair.

Generally, shampoos that are alkaline will irritate the scalp, and cause hair to be frizzy.

Someone with color-treated hair should avoid anti-dandruff shampoos that contain selenium sulfide because this ingredient can discolor light-colored hair.

If you can find one that is color-safe and offers UV protection, then you have a winner.

The following five anti-dandruff shampoos come highly recommended for people with color-treated hair:

Philip B Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo, Coal Tar-Free

best shampoo for color treated hair with dandruff

Philip B has formulated the best anti-flake shampoo for anyone with color-treated hair and dandruff.

This shampoo’s ingredients help to soothe the scalp and treat your hair against dandruff.

With every wash using the shampoo, your hair gets glossier and shiny – a far cry from the dull look that hair with dandruff has.

The formulation contains safflower oleosomes that seal moisture under the surface of your hair – leaving it soft, radiant, and manageable.

It guarantees hydration and relieves the scalp from dryness that results in itching and redness.

The shampoo contains L-Amino acid complex which is responsible for strengthening the hair reducing damage and breakage.

This amino acid also helps to boost the hair’s shine.

The tea tree oil contained in this shampoo gets rid of microorganisms that worsen scalp problems.

It also balances oil production on the scalp. 

Other beneficial ingredients contained in this anti-dandruff shampoo include aloe vera, chamomile sage, and juniper.

They are therapeutic to both scalp and hair. For the scalp, the relief is felt instantly as the ingredients work to soothe itchiness and redness.

For the best results, the shampoo can be used daily to treat dandruff or a dry scalp.

Shake well before you use it. Wet your hair then massage a generous amount of the shampoo on your hair.

Leave it on for 2-3 minutes then rinse thoroughly.


  • Safe to use on color-treated hair
  • Helps in dealing with flakes, dandruff, and psoriasis
  • Mild formulation with gentle ingredients
  • Hydrates dry hair and scalp
  • Offers great relief from itchiness and redness
  • Leaves hair soft and shiny
  • Doesn’t weigh down your hair
  • A little goes a long way


  • Not effective for some users with psoriasis


Oribe Serene Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

best shampoo for color treated hair with dandruff

This is a clarifying shampoo that is specially formulated to offer much-needed relief from dandruff.

It contains salicylic acid which is a known anti-dandruff ingredient added to shampoos.

The shampoo acts as a gentle cleanser that relieves itchiness and prevents the reoccurrence of dandruff.

After using this product, your scalp is soothed and irritation becomes a thing of the past.

The shampoo hydrates your hair, leaving it nourished and without any flakes that are caused by dandruff.

Ingredients such as Bilberry fruit and sugar maple are important because they soothe your scalp and guard against free radicals that cause damage.

Caffeine is another vital ingredient that rejuvenates the follicles of your hair while energizing the scalp.

The shampoo is safe to use if you have color-treated hair.

It’s free from parabens, sulfates, and sodium chloride.

As an added benefit, your hair gets UV protection.


  • It’s color-safe
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Soothes scalp itchiness and irritation
  • Offers UV protection
  • Gets rid of the dryness
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Maintains moisture balance of scalp and hair
  • Safe for keratin-treated hair
  • Leaves scalp feeling thoroughly cleansed


Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo With Jujube Bark Extract

best shampoo for color treated hair with dandruff

The Christophe Robin shampoo is meant for daily use since it’s made with gentle ingredients.

It contains Jujube bark extract that helps to get rid of dandruff from your hair.

This anti-dandruff shampoo is also great at soothing the scalp from itchiness and removing excess sebum which is a major cause of dandruff.

The formulation is safe to use on colored hair due to the gentle ingredients in it.

It leaves the hair shiny and light.

You’ll enjoy maximum hydration because the shampoo contains water as one of the ingredients.

The hair and scalp are relieved from excess dryness especially if you use this product daily.

For the best results, wet the hair and massage the shampoo on it thoroughly making sure you cover all areas.

Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes then rinse. The shampoo doesn’t leave any residue behind.

After rinsing, you can use a conditioner to infuse more moisture into the hair.


  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Safe to use on color-treated hair
  • Regulates excess sebum
  • Hydrates both hair and scalp offering relief from dryness
  • Relieves the scalp from itchiness 
  • Doesn’t leave any residue behind
  • Can be used daily
  • Results in light and shiny hair
  • Doesn’t leave any residue behind


  • Might not be effective for some users with oily hair types


Redken Scalp Relief Dandruff Control Shampoo

best shampoo for color treated hair with dandruff

This is a shampoo formulated with the special ingredient known as Pyrithione Zinc that offers relief from dandruff.

It cleanses your hair while soothing the irritated scalp.

Once you use the shampoo, your hair is rejuvenated because dandruff weakens it and results in dullness.

Your hair is left looking shiny and your scalp feels really clean.

This shampoo is certified as tested by dermatologists adding to its effectiveness as an anti-dandruff solution.

The best way to use it is on wet hair. Gently massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp.

Leave the shampoo on the scalp and hair for about five minutes.

This gives it time to penetrate and offer relief. Rinse after.

Use the shampoo as directed by a physician or twice a week for the best results.

This shampoo contains a common humectant in hair products – glycerin.

The glycerin helps to hydrate the hair.

Lavender extract – another ingredient contained in this shampoo – soothes the scalp and also clarifies.


  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Safe to use on color-treated hair
  • Hydrates the scalp
  • Soothes and calms the scalp
  • Leaves hair looking shiny
  • It leaves the scalp thoroughly clarified


  • Doesn’t completely eliminate dandruff for some users


Biolage Scalpsync Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

best shampoo for color treated hair with dandruff

The main ingredient that works to offer relief from dandruff in this shampoo is Pyrithione Zinc.

It’s one of the best ingredients that target dandruff and offers the scalp much-needed relief.

This Biolage anti-dandruff shampoo eliminates the appearance of white flakes once the scalp is treated.

It’s also safe for use on color-treated hair.

The shampoo leaves you with clean, shiny, and healthy hair.

All the excess oil on your scalp and hair is cleansed – resulting in a cooling sensation thanks to the mint contained in the shampoo.

The mint has anti-bacterial properties and calms the irritated scalp.

Moreover, this shampoo doesn’t leave any residue on the hair once you rinse it off.

For the best results, apply the shampoo to wet hair and gently massage it into the hair and scalp. 

Let the shampoo sit on the scalp for about two minutes before rinsing.


  • Offers relief from dandruff
  • Reduces the appearance of white flakes
  • Relieves scalp irritation
  • Helps balance the scalp
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Doesn’t leave any residue
  • Leaves hair soft and easy to detangle
  • Great for people with oily hair


  • Doesn’t completely eliminate dandruff for some users


L’Oreal Paris EverFresh Antidandruff Sulfate-Free Shampoo

best shampoo for color treated hair with dandruff

If you’re more concerned about keeping your color intact than going for a variety of dandruff-fighting botanicals, you can try this shampoo by L’Oreal.

This shampoo is super gentle on color-treated hair because it’s sulfate-free, which means it won’t strip your color or speed up the fading process.

It doesn’t have any other harsh ingredients that color hates, like parabens and salt.

The shampoo is formulated with 1% pyrithione zinc to be sure your itching and flaking will be put to a stop.

It also has some light and pleasant Indian lilac scent to make your hair smell fresh and floral.


  • Pyrithione zinc stops itchiness and flaking
  • Sulfate-free but still has a rich, creamy lather as you wash
  • Keeps your color intact because it doesn’t have harsh ingredients
  • Leaves your hair smelling fresh and floral, like Indian lilacs


  • Has a goopy texture that takes some getting used to


Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

best shampoo for color treated hair with dandruff

People who continuously suffer from dry scalp and dandruff rave about this Nizoral shampoo constantly, and for good reason.

It’s a holy grail for scalp issues like itching and scaliness, and you have ketoconazole to thank for that.

Ketoconazole is an antifungal medication that eliminates dandruff by impeding it at the root.

It kills dandruff-causing fungi to help manage your itchiness and discomfort with the flaking.

This shampoo is perfect for your colored hair because it’s safe, gentle, and won’t strip your color if you use it as instructed (twice a week only).


  • Ketoconazole eliminates dandruff by killing the fungus that causes it
  • Controls itchiness to give you instant relief
  • Creates a thick, rich lather for a satisfying wash
  • Safe and gentle enough to use on color-treated hair


  • Can leave the hair dehydrated when used more than twice a week, as per the instructions


Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo, Supreme Color Protect with Argan Oil and Manuka Honey

best shampoo for color treated hair with dandruff

Head & Shoulders is the gold standard for controlling dandruff.

This shampoo in particular protects not just your scalp, but your bold and intense hair color too.

It protects your beautiful color from fading prematurely through its formula that doesn’t contain harsh ingredients like parabens, phthalates, phosphates, artificial dyes, and more.

Its star ingredients are manuka honey and argan oil, which moisturize the hair deeply for added softness and shine.

They also soothe the scalp, keeping inflammation at bay.

Like most Head & Shoulders products, it has pyrithione zinc to eliminate dandruff flakes and itchiness.


  • Protects your colored hair from fading prematurely
  • Manuka honey and argan oil moisturize the hair while soothing the scalp
  • Doesn’t contain any parabens, phthalates, and more
  • Pyrithione zinc keeps dandruff and itchiness at bay


  • Quite rich, so it may leave a slight residue on the hair



Dandruff can be a nightmare due to the endless itching and white flakes that invade your hair.

When you color your hair, the types of shampoo you use need to be color-friendly.

Getting the right product that eliminates dandruff and protects color is important.

If you’ve been looking for the best shampoo for color-treated hair with dandruff, the suggestions in this review can be of great help to you.

The shampoos listed here work help to deal with dandruff – especially during the winter months – and don’t fade your color.

Some go the extra mile and offer UV protection which protects the color.

Say goodbye to dryness, itchiness, redness, and white flakes with these special shampoos.

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