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Top deep conditioner with protein and moisture

Too much of anything is dangerous, but too little is unkind. This applies to many things in life, from shopping to champagne. Balance is the key to enjoying these without regretting them in the end. We don’t realize it, but the same can be said about hair. 

We always do our best to pamper our hair, especially with protein and moisture. But many of us don’t really think about striking a balance between the two. That’s what I’m here to talk about today. And if you’re looking for a deep conditioner with protein and moisture, you’ve landed at the right place.

Benefits of moisturizing and protein deep conditioners 

Like food in our body, the nutrients in our hair need to be balanced.

If you keep feeding your hair the same thing again and again, it will miss out on other essentials it needs to be strong and luscious.

Let’s say you focus your hair routine on moisturizing.

You soak your curls in deep conditioners with nourishing oils and butters so that your hair is soft and silky with no frizz.

But because you never incorporate protein in your regimen, your hair breaks and thins out easily.

On the flip side, if you compensate for hair damage by treating your locks with ony protein-rich hair repair products, like keratin masks, you make the hair stronger and more durable, but you might miss out on moisture that makes hair bouncy and touchable.

That’s where protein-moisture balance comes in.

When hair has the right amount of both, it is nourished and moisturized, and you end up with strong, resilient strands.

Achieving this balance puts hair at the healthiest state possible – strong and shiny, with defined waves and curls.

Heat styling and coloring can damage the hair and throw off the balance between protein and moisture.


Top deep conditioner with protein and moisture

One way to restore the protein-moisture balance in hair is through using deep conditioners that provide both protein and moisture.

Below are six deep conditioners that can get the job done:

Sashapure Restorative Conditioning Masque

deep conditioner with protein and moisture

If your hair devours protein and you need a little extra oomph of shine and moisture, this may be the deep conditioner for you.

Like all Sashapure products, this masque contains Sacha Inchi oil.

This 3,000-year-old Peruvian superfood is rich in protein, omega fatty acids, and amino acids that strengthen and restore dull hair stressed out by heat styling and air pollution.

It also helps improve hair elasticity through moisturization.

It makes the hair easy to detangle in the shower, and makes even coarse hair softer and bouncier.

Women with curls will love this masque because it makes ringlets strong and resilient, but still soft to the touch.


  • Revitalizes hair stressed by styling and pollution
  • Contains Sacha Inchi oil, rich in protein and amino acids to strengthen hair
  • Improves hair elasticity by moisturizing the hair
  • Smoothens and softens even coarse hair
  • Makes the hair easy to detangle
  • Gives definition and softness to curls


  • Doesn’t really moisturize some thick hair types


Mielle Organics Babassu Oil And Mint Deep Conditioner

deep conditioner with protein and moisture

Restore the balance between protein and moisture in your hair with this cool, refreshing deep conditioner from Mielle Organics.

It has fatty acids and natural oils that nourish and deeply moisturize the hair.

Meanwhile, amino acids from wheat and soy help rebuild the cuticles to make your hair smooth and durable.

This deep conditioner has incredible slip, making detangling a breeze even for coily hair with lots of knots.

Post-shower, it keeps frizz and flyaways at bay throughout the day.

Thanks to mint, it gives a tingly, cooling (not burning) sensation and invigorating scent in the shower.


  • Infuses hair with protein and moisture
  • Restores dry and damaged hair
  • Fatty acids and oils deeply moisturize the hair
  • Amino acids from wheat and soy rebuild hair strands
  • Gets rid of frizz and flyaways
  • Great slip, making detangling very easy
  • Has a refreshing scent of mint


  • Doesn’t deeply moisturize some hair types


Soultanicals Afrotastic Curl Elastic

deep conditioner with protein and moisture

This was the first product I tried out when I was looking for a deep conditioner with protein and moisture. I loved it!

Thick, dry, thirsty hair will drink up this creamy deep conditioner!

It uses botanical ingredients like amla fruit, ximenia oil, and avocado oil to penetrate deep into the hair cuticle and nourish it with moisture.

It also has some jojoba protein to help strengthen the hair shaft.

Because of its rich oils and hydrating botanicals, it has A+ spreadability.

It glides easily through the hair, even if you’re just finger-combing. Detangling is effortless with this deep conditioner!

My favorite part is that it comes in a sweet, confectionery candy scent that stays in the hair even after a good rinse.

Meet your new holy grail mask for silky smooth, bouncy, and poppin’ curls.


  • Rehydrates dry, thick hair with botanical ingredients
  • Fruit oils lock in moisture in the cuticle
  • Spreadable across the hair to detangle fast
  • Contains jojoba protein to strengthen hair
  • Has a lovely sweet candy scent that stays


  • Quite runny compared to most deep conditioners


Camille Rose Lavender Quench Deep Conditioner

deep conditioner with protein and moisture

Lavender is a fan-favorite among relaxing springtime scents.

In this deep conditioner, real lavender oil offers that soothing aroma we all know and love, while stimulating the scalp.

Aside from lavender that calms the senses in the shower, this deep conditioner contains hydrating, nourishing, and hair-strengthening ingredients that help restore protein-moisture balance in the hair.

The deep conditioner contains argan mint oil that restores moisture in the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth.

Aloe leaf extract hydrates the hair, while argan mint oil locks in that moisture, especially in the scalp to promote hair growth.

Wheat protein joins in to strengthen the hair and make it silky smooth.

These botanicals work together for an invigorating treatment, from the roots to the ends of your hair.


  • Made with real lavender oil to stimulate the scalp
  • Contains aloe leaf extract for hydration
  • Has wheat protein to strengthen and smoothen hair
  • Provides both protein and moisture in one product
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Leaves hair soft and bouncy
  • It stimulates the scalp


  • Shouldn’t be used frequently by people with low porosity hair 


Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein

best deep conditioner for high porosity hair

Look into this honey and yogurt deep conditioner by Shea Moisture if you’re looking for one that hydrates and repairs damage at the same time.

This formula’s hero ingredients are honey and yogurt.

Honey is a humectant which makes it terrific at nourishing hair and boosting shine, while yogurt has hydrating properties that help soften locks.

All these are locked into the hair by shea butter, which is a great moisturizing agent.

This also has mafura and baobab oils, which are rich in protein.

These oils add on to the moisturizing power of the deep conditioner, but also repair damaged and overly processed or colored hair.

This product also prevents breakage and split ends.

All in all, this is a great deep conditioner for making the hair moisturized, soft, and strong.

It’s so good that it’s effective on wig hair too!


  • Moisturizes with shea butter, honey, and yogurt
  • Contains protein-heavy mafura and baobab oils
  • Repairs overprocessed and dried out hair
  • Leaves hair super soft and supple
  • Prevents breakage and split ends
  • Works well for wig hair too


  • Contains wax, which can make the hair look extra greasy


Mango Hemp Restorative Deep Conditioner by Inahsi Naturals

best deep conditioner for high porosity hair

Who says you can’t have a deep conditioner and protein treatment in one?

Surely those who haven’t tried this restorative, protein-rich deep conditioner from Inahsi Naturals.

This conditioner has as unique blends of heavily moisturizing oils, from avocado and hemp oils to mango butter that can seal moisture into the hair.

The combination of ingredients makes this a great mask for those with thick, damaged hair.

It also contains hydrolyzed oat protein that can help strengthen the hair.

Another source of protein is silk amino acids, another ingredient in this mask that helps restore strength in each strand of hair.

Another exciting thing about this deep conditioner is that it has a captivatingly delicious mango scent that makes you feel more alive.

It’s something you can look forward to when you’re nearing deep conditioning day!


  • Helps hair retain moisture
  • Contains oat protein to strengthen the hair
  • Fights breakage and split ends
  • Has silk amino acids to restore protein loss
  • It’s color-safe
  • Leaves hair soft and manageable


  • Contains alcohol and sulfates in the formula


When do you need to specifically use moisturizing deep conditioners?

It’s important to use a moisturizing deep conditioner when your hair has poor elasticity.

Elasticity is the ability of the hair to stretch without breaking.

Get a strand of hair and stretch it gently.

If it’s flexible and bounces back, then your hair is moisturized just right.

If it snaps off easily, your hair has poor elasticity and is probably dehydrated.

Moisturizing is a terrific idea if you can’t quite get the hair to look the way you want.

Properly moisturized hair is easier to detangle and style.

Fluffy and mushy hair with no definition is a sign of moisture overload. This is also known as hygral fatigue.

Always watch out for this, so you know when it’s time to dial down on the moisturizing products.


When do you need to specifically use protein treatments?

People with more compromised hair – whether genetically or self-induced – need to incorporate protein in their hair regimen.

Protein treatments are perfect for those with extremely damaged hair.

About 90% of our hair is made of protein, and when we damage it through excessive manipulation like heat styling, coloring, or perming, the protein breaks down to make the hair weaker.

When your hair loses strength this way, it’s probably craving some protein.

Those with high porosity hair will also benefit from protein treatments.

More porous hair means its cuticles have tiny holes that need to be filled in with protein to keep it strong and help it retain moisture and vitamins.

That’s why protein is high porosity hair’s BFF.


What is protein overload, and how can you fix it?

Protein overload is pretty self-explanatory – it’s when your hair gets too much protein for its own good.

While protein is excellent for strengthening the hair’s cuticle structure, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies.

A protein-heavy routine can go wrong in many ways, especially when the hair isn’t balanced with moisture.

Your hair can end up stiff, hard, and crunchy.

It can make hair rough to the touch, like low-quality synthetic hair.

If you have curls, they’ll end up looking stringy and wiry.

You can restore the balance by laying off protein-rich hair products – from shampoos to creams – and incorporating more moisturizing ones.

Also, remember that you’re only supposed to do a deep protein treatment once every couple of months.

If your hair is undamaged, has medium to low porosity, or is healthy overall, then having many protein treatments isn’t necessary.

Too much protein makes you susceptible to protein overload. You’re blessed as it is; don’t fix what isn’t broken.



Just because you’re giving your hair enough protein or moisture doesn’t always mean you’re caring for it right.

It has to be a balance of both. The key is really to listen to your hair to figure out what it’s craving, and more importantly, what it needs.

A deep conditioner with protein and moisture can be a good starting point.

You’ll need to assess the state of your hair to enable you make an informed decision on whether you need a product that is both moisture-rich and protein rich; or you need to focus on moisture only or protein only.

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