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Top Protein Treatments For High Porosity Hair

Are tangles, split ends, frizz, breakage, and shedding your current hair experience? There is a very high chance that your hair is overly porous and desperately needs a protein treatment. You can have high porosity hair as a result of genetics, but you can also have porous hair as a result of hair damage from bleach, relaxers, heat, or color. There are several protein treatments for high porosity hair in the market that can help to revitalize your hair and promote healthy growth.

Benefits Of Using Protein Treatments On Hair

In the quest to look stylish, we put our hair through so much – too much heat exposure, chemical treatments, too much hair manipulation, or using wrong hair products.

Over time, some of these hair practices can cause your hair to lose its natural protein.

Your hair eventually becomes brittle, dry, frizzy, dull, and ends up with split ends.

That is why aside from your normal hair routine, you need to incorporate a protein treatment once in a while.

Protein treatments work by attaching fibrous protein – known as keratin – to your hair cuticles.

Basically, they replenish the stripped proteins to bring back life to your hair.

Protein treatments nourish the hair, prevent breakage, increase volume, and also ensure that your hair has the right amount of nutrients it needs to be healthy.


What Are The Signs Of High Porosity Hair?

Hair porosity is a term that refers to how your hair absorbs and retains moisture.

Hair porosity may be termed as low, normal, or high porosity.

Let’s delve deeper into understanding what these high, low, and normal terms mean.

Your hair contains 3 layers – cuticle, cortex, and medulla.

The cuticle layer is the outermost layer and is the one responsible for letting in (and out) moisture, oils, and other nutrients to the hair.

When you have high porosity hair, it means that your cuticles are very spaced out hence lets in moisture quite fast and also lets it out very fast.

Low porosity, on the other hand, means your hair cuticles are closely spaced and do not easily let in moisture into your hair.

The flip side though is that it retains moisture better than any other hair type.

protein treatments for high porosity hair
Hair structure


As mentioned above, hair porosity can be genetic and can also be as a result of hair chemicals and treatments, heat styling, and too much hair manipulation.

These chemicals cause your cuticles to separate or lift up creating a bigger gap between each other.

These gaps make it hard for your hair to soak up water for longer.

High porosity hair tends to look and feel dry, frizzy, and tangles very fast. It also dries up pretty fast and lacks radiance.

A quick way to check the porosity of your hair at home is to take a clear glass full of water and drop a clean strand of your hair in it.

If it sinks almost immediately, then your hair has high porosity.

It if floats, your hair has low porosity.

Finally, if your hair floats somewhere in the middle of the glass, your hair’s porosity is normal.

The best thing you can ever do to your highly porous hair is to introduce protein treatments to your hair care regimen.


Best Protein Treatments For High Porosity Hair

Protein treatments for high porosity hair will help to fill in the gaps in the cuticles with keratin.

They also create a sort of barrier around the hair strand to reduce the damage.

The following are some of the protein treatments that you can use to repair your hair strands.

Aphogee Two-step Treatment Protein for Damaged Hair

protein treatments for high porosity hair

I had to start by reviewing the very first product that I used when I suffered from heat damage a couple of years ago.

So from my experience, this product has worked for me and a friend who had damaged hair as a result of bleaching.

I can confidently say it is the perfect solution for someone with badly-damaged natural hair or one with naturally high porosity hair.

It is packed with loads of proteins to ensure that all the moisture is sealed into your hair.

It contains no sulfate so your hair will not lose any color or its natural moisture.

Since it is formulated with magnesium, you will need to use heat for the proteins to completely fuse into your hair.

Many users – including me – have reported instant results within the first application.

Be careful not to overuse it because you can suffer from protein overload. 

It’s best used once every 6 weeks.


  • Retained moisture and hair color
  • Prevents breaking and shedding
  • Rebuild damaged hair within 6 weeks
  • Results are almost instant


  • Too runny and sticky and may create such a mess if not careful


Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Anti-Breakage Leave-In Treatment

protein treatments for high porosity hair

Another great protein treatment to repair your hair from the damages of high porosity is this award-winning Extreme Anti-snap leave-in treatment by Redken. It is specially formulated to minimize breakage and split ends caused by hot styling, chemical treatments, and over-brushing.

It’s a leave-in treatment so it’s easy to apply and requires no intimidating processes. You only need to apply it on damp hair and leave it on. Just that.

The treatment is great for all hair types and more so highly porous hair and has been confirmed to increase elasticity, protect from heat, strengthen and soften hair as well as reduce shedding. Redken claims it reduces breakage by up to 75% if used correctly. They recommend that you use it along with their deep conditioner and shampoo for best results.

Even though it’s price is a little on the higher side, its great value for money. One bottle lasts for quite a while as you only need a few pumps of it. This, however, will vary with the length of your hair. Either way, be very mean with the amount you are applying as too much will instead cause your already porous hair to be too dry or too oily.

Redken Extreme Anti-snap leave-in treatment smells really nice, unlike most other protein treatments. It has this sweet floral scent that lingers on long after rinsing off your hair. The thick milky consistency is another plus.


  • Leaves no build-up
  • Offers 5 in 1 damage protection
  • Has a sweet floral smell
  • Up to 75% reduction on hair breakage
  • Long-lasting


IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Anti-Frizz Smoothing Spray

protein treatments for high porosity hair

IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray is a formulation that mimics keratin protein. It is most ideal if your struggle with dry frizzy hair. Being a keratin-like formulation, it works just as natural keratin does by coating the hair and smoothening it out to get rid of the frizz.

For it to work efficiently though, you require heat application to activate it. You can sit under a dryer or hover a blowdry over your hair.

Aside from offering 24-hr frizz control, IGK also protects your hair against heat for up to 450F, humidity, and UV damage. It leaves your hair shiny, healthier, soft and enhances curls and waves. It’s safe to use on all hair types, even on the most coarse and coiled hair.

Its pretty simple to use the treatment, section your damp hair, apply the treatment working from the root to the tip, and use a blow-dry to seal in the treatment. You can heat-style after that.


  • Free from parabens and sulfates
  • Safe for colored hair
  • Fortified with mineral oils
  • Offers protection from heat and UV
  • Tames frizz


Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor

protein treatments for high porosity hair

Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor has only one protein ingredient making it a mild protein treatment. This is not a bad thing, not every porous hair takes in protein addition so well. So if you are looking for something mild, this is your best pick.

It performs well on repairing damaged hair and re-energizing “dead” hair.  With regular use, you will also notice some decent volume and thickness on your hair. And if you have curls, they will feel bouncier.

Since its mild, it works more like a conditioner and leaves your hair so soft.  The consistency of the treatment is  thick and gel-y hence creates any messes when applying. It holds so well to the hair and does not drip.

I loved the tube packaging, very easy to use, and measure the right amounts. It’s also very handy when traveling. The smell is also not so bad, it has a herbal scent.

One more thing, it is pleasantly affordable. For an even better bargain buy it online.


  • Mild protein treatment
  • Free of silicone
  • Great price for great value
  • Plastic squeezy packaging that is easy to use
  • Pleasant herbal scent


  • Has an average slip that makes detangling hair such a task


Real Protein Treatment by Green Beauty

protein treatments for high porosity hair

REAL protein treatment is a bit different from the other protein treatments we’ve looked at. It allows you to determine how much protein you want to add to your hair. You add the protein treatment to your regular conditioner and mix it before applying. You can use it on bleached hair, relaxed,  or color-treated hair.

This organic wheat treatment works by penetrating deep into your hair to coat and fill up the hair cuticles. The result is strong nourished hair. And since you apply it with a conditioner it leaves hair so so soft and manageable.

REAL protein treatment also helps your hair retain moisture for longer. It takes just one application for you to experience the difference. It is also lightweight and leaves no residue.


  • Leaves no residue
  • Light but leaves no mess
  • Softens hair
  • Nourishes and moisturizes


  • Shorter shelf life once opened
  • Must be mixed with conditioner


ORS HaiRestore Hair Mayonnaise with Nettle Leaf and Horsetail Extract

protein treatments for high porosity hair

ORS is known for its line of excellent hair products and this particular one, HaiRestore Hair Mayonnaise with Nettle Leaf and Horsetail Extract,  is not different. Aside from the protein formulations, It is filled with a blend of extracts, vitamins, herbs, and enriched oils. All these work together to keep your dry hair moisturized. Also, it strengthens weak damaged hair.

Best used after removing braids and extensions, before heat styling, and either before or after relaxing hair. It also retains and defines curls and waves.

While the nettle leaf is very beneficial, the particles can be hard to rinse out. But they cause no harm so no cause of alarm if a few of them decide to stick on.


  • Enriched with oils extracts and herbs
  • Moisturizes and strengthens
  • Increases hair shine and body
  • Prevents hair breakages


  • The nettle leaf particles are hard to rinse off


Eufora Nourish Fortifi Keratin Repair

protein treatments for high porosity hair

High porosity hair tends to lose its elasticity and becomes weak and brittle over time. If this is your hair right now, Eufora Nourish Fortifi Keratin Repair is your best solution. It’s a protein-rich treatment designed to repair weak damaged hair and soften brittle hair.

Formulated with a collection of eight high-intense formulas, It gradually balances the porosity of hair by filling up the widened gaps. It also replenishes the lost moisture to bring life back to your hair.

If your hair is bleached, you will also notice how strong it gets with every application. And since It is lightweight,  it does not weigh down your hair nor leave any residue. You can use it straight after your shower or before heat styling your hair.


  • Does not weigh down hair
  • Improves elasticity
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Decreases hair porosity
  • Pleasant smell
  • Causes no build-up


Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein

protein treatments for high porosity hair

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt,  a hair mask, is specially formulated to replenish the moisture lost in your hair as well as repair damaged hair.

This Shea Moisture’s version is most ideal if your high porosity is due to over-processing, heat styling, and using too many chemical-based products. It’s safe to use on all hair types.

It has two important ingredients that work perfectly together to repair and strengthen your hair- shea butter and yogurt.  Shea butter is known to have a high moisturizing effect which is good for extremely dry hair. Yogurt, on the other hand, helps to strengthen the already damaged hair.


  • Up to 76% less hair breakage
  • Moisturizes and strengthens
  • Leaves hair shiny and healthier


  • The scent may not be so pleasing to some users


Signs Your Hair Needs A Protein Treatment

Protein treatment should be one of the core parts of your hair regimen and more so if your hair has high porosity. If you don’t already have it in your regimen. Here are a few pointers to help you know when your hair is in a desperate need for a protein treatment:

  • Hair is too soft, sticky, and mushy during wash day
  • Hair with no elasticity
  • When your porosity is exceedingly high
  • Excessive breakage and split ends
  • Hair that just looks “dead”

Also, if your hair is colored, you need to introduce protein treatment to your regimen. Coloured or bleached hair is extremely porous because the dye used breaks down the protein in the hair. This exposes your hair to more damage.


How Often Should You Do Protein Treatments If You Have High Porosity Hair?

I would say once or twice a month. However, this will vary depending on the state of your hair as well as how strong the treatment is that you plan to use. Some, like the Aphogee two-step treatment,  are too strong and you only need to use it once in 6 weeks.

Applying too much protein treatment into your hair may cause it to be too stiff and brittle and instead of repairing the breakage, it causes more breakage.

It’s important that you stick to the manufacturer’s instructions and also take note of  how often your hair needs the protein treatment.



I cannot overemphasize how important a protein treatment is to hair with high porosity. Your life depends on it, (okay that’s extreme), but yes, your hair needs it to stay strong, healthy and voluminous.

Highly porous hair is prone to lots of damage which protein treatments help to prevent and repair. You can opt for the leaven-in treatment if you don’t have the time for rigorous processes and then use the regular treatment when your schedule allows.

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