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How To Sleep Comfortably With Hair Extensions

Getting extensions installed is a huge move for any hair lover. With one trip to the salon, you’ll leave with longer, thicker, and sleek-looking hair! Of course, this comes with a price. You’ll have to go through a tedious installation process and care for your extensions differently than your real hair. And then you’ll have to learn how to sleep comfortably with hair extensions.

An unlucky few might feel their extensions poking their scalp. Not only is this distracting when you’re trying to get some shut-eye, but it could also give you anxiety about whether it’s going to damage your extensions.

So, what should you do when your extensions feel uncomfortable (and maybe even hurt a bit) while you sleep?

Here are some of my top tips to ensure you get a good night’s rest while simultaneously caring for your extensions.

how to sleep comfortably with hair extensions

Hair Extensions Can Get Uncomfortable For Some

For most women, sleeping after getting extensions done is going to be a breeze.

There are hair innovations in place that can help make extension installations more secure and comfortable as you sleep.

But a handful of people might not be as lucky.

For others, having extensions installed means nights of little to no sleep because of either pain or discomfort.

A lot of this has to do with the anxiety of feeling like your extensions might come off when you place your head on your pillow.

But most of the time, it’s just the general feeling of having something poking at your head as you try to rest.


Type Of Extensions Matter

For some types of extensions, addressing this discomfort is easy.

For example, if you have clip-in extensions, all you have to do to get a more comfortable sleep is to take out your extensions every night.

Wearing them all night long can lead to tangles and matting, and can even destroy your clip-in.

However, the issue is not as easily solved for other, more permanent extension types.

Sew-in and keratin extensions, for example, aren’t meant to be taken out once they’re installed.

So, you don’t have the luxury of taking them off and plopping mindlessly onto your bed to call it a night.

Discomfort is common for tape-in extensions, especially when the tape used isn’t high-quality.

You might feel the edges of the tape scratching against your scalp, which can make for a super uncomfy experience when lying down.


Could Hurt Your Scalp

In more severe cases, extensions don’t just feel like an uncomfortable obstruction as you sleep – they could hurt your scalp, too.

This often means your extensions are too tight, so you might want to have your stylist fix that for you.

It might also be caused by tight hairstyles when you sleep, which you should definitely avoid.

Caring for your extensions before you sleep isn’t all about feeling comfortable.

You also have to pamper your hair before bed to make your extensions last as long as possible.


How To Sleep Comfortably With Hair Extensions

Here are a few tricks and tips to help you achieve sleep comfortably and also ensure that your extensions last as long as possible.


Always Detangle Your Hair Before Going To Bed

You might have grown up reading stories of princesses once upon a time who had their hair brushed a hundred times before they went to bed.

Well, now that you have extensions installed, you need to pamper yourself the same way.

Brushing your hair before you sleep will get rid of any tangles or build-up in your locks and extensions.

If you lie down and toss and turn in bed with any matting or tangling, it’s inevitable for you to wake up with stubborn knots in your extensions.

Not only are these knots difficult to take out in the morning, but they’ll also lead to an uncomfortable sleep.

So, you must take time to brush and detangle your hair.

To make it easier, hydrate your hair a bit with a lightweight yet conditioning leave-in treatment.

This is advisable if your extensions are made of human hair.

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Leave-In Conditioner

I recommend the CHI Keratin Leave-in Conditioner.

It’s packed with keratin proteins to soften and condition human hair, so it’s fantastic on both your natural strands and the extensions.

It also comes in a spray bottle, making application incredibly easy.


High-Quality Brush

Then, you need a high-quality brush that’s designed specifically for detangling.

Any soft boar-bristle brush would be excellent for this, but my favorite is the Wet Brush Pro Shine Enhancer Brush.

It’s made with a combination of natural boar bristles and IntelliFlex bristles to make it glide smoothly across your hair.

It also evenly distributes the natural oils from your scalp throughout the rest of your hair, which adds shine and luster to your whole mane.


How To Detangle

Apply the leave-in across your strands before brushing them out to help make detangling easier.

Then, take your brush and start detangling.

Always begin at the bottom of your hair, working your way up.

If you start at the roots and force the tangles out from there, you may end up breaking some of your hair or even pulling your extensions out.

Don’t forget to lift your hair to expose the extensions, brushing gently where they are attached.


Never Go To Sleep With Wet Hair

This rule doesn’t just apply to those with extensions, but to anyone who wants to take better care of their hair and minimize breakage.

Your hair is very sensitive to breakage when it’s damp.

That’s because your hair follicles are softer and frailer when wet.

how to sleep comfortably with hair extensions

So, when your hair is wet from the shower and you toss and turn in bed, it’s more likely to create knots in your locks and even rip some strands out of your scalp as you snooze.

It’s even worse for your extensions, which can easily be pulled out if you’re not careful.

This is true for restless sleepers who toss and turn a lot in bed.

If you know yourself to be one of those, be extra careful with going to bed with your hair and extensions wet.

I know that washing your hair at night can be very convenient, especially if you just want to sleep in during the morning instead of washing your hair.

But if you wash your hair before you sleep, always make sure your hair is completely dry first before hitting the hay.

No matter how sleepy you are, take a few minutes to dry your hair.

You can do this with a hairdryer or by doing the scrunching method with a microfiber towel.

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Tie Your Hair In A Loose, Low Braid

To make sure your extensions won’t get tangled or flip over in a weird way as you sleep, keep them secure in a loose French braid.

This will protect your extensions from snagging on each other and causing knots.

When your hair is tied, your mid-lengths and ends won’t cause friction and frizz up.

Your hair will be a lot smoother when you wake up and take the braid out.

You can also rest assured that your extensions’ bonds won’t tangle with each other if you sleep with a braid.

And as a bonus, you’ll wake up with heatless curls and waves.

However, make sure you tie it in a pretty loose braid, not one that’s too tight.

how to sleep comfortably with hair extensions

This can cause more discomfort as you sleep.

It can also make your hair look kinky instead of smooth and curly.

If you have short hair, braids might not be a feasible option for you.

Instead, opt for a side ponytail.

As with the braid, don’t tie it too tight, but make sure it holds your hair securely in place.

Tie your hair on the side opposite where you tend to lie in bed.


Switch To Silk Pillowcases And Scarves

Cotton increases the amount of friction in your hair as you move in your sleep.

And with friction comes tons of frizz and maybe a couple of knots here and there.

It’s important to avoid this now that you have extensions.

So, invest in silk pillowcases, caps, and scarves for nighttime.

The fabric of silk is breathable and super smooth.

Instead of knotting up and matting, your hair will simply glide on it.

A silk cap is excellent for reducing that scratchy feeling you often get on your scalp and hair when you toss and turn on your cotton pillows.

A silk cap I highly recommend is the Slip Pure Silk Turban.

It’s made of 100% mulberry silk, so you know it’s going to leave your hair super smooth and tangle-free.

It also has an elastic band, making the fit comfortable for any head size.

This turban is great for wrapping your hair in as you sleep, but it also doubles as a bohemian hair accessory during the day.



Whether you opted for regular tape-ins, the more innovative keratin fusion extensions, or anything in between, caring for your new locks when you sleep is important.

If you’ve been wondering how to sleep comfortably with hair extensions, then you came to the right place.

If you’re rocking extensions of any kind, make sure to dry, detangle, and braid your hair before you sleep.

And if you can, invest in high-quality silk to treat and protect your gorgeous locks.

Not only will it make it more comfortable for you to snuggle your pillows and toss and turn at night, but it will also extend the lifespan of your extensions.

It only takes one night of not following my tips above to wake up with tangly extensions – or worse, some of your strands ripped out from their threads or tape-ins.

So, make sure to practice all of these religiously.

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