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Best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair

Every hair article I have read over the years has advocated for the use of leave-in conditioners. I understood the importance of using one when I first colored my hair. My hair strands always felt really dry and brittle. I knew I had to look for the best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair before things got worse.

Permanent hair dye lifts up the hair cuticles using ammonia in order to deposit color and alter the pigment of your hair.

Since the hair cuticle has been interfered with (it isn’t meant to be lifted), you end up with hair damage.

The resultant brittleness and dryness call for regular conditioning to avoid breakage.

I wish I had a colorist who had advised me on the use of the Olaplex treatment that specifically works to strengthen and repair the bonds in our hair.

Benefits of using a leave-in conditioner

Just as the name suggests, a leave-in conditioner, unlike regular conditioners, is one you don’t rinse off after applying.

They are great at adding much-needed moisture to your hair. They keep your hair from drying out and getting, as was the case when I dyed my hair.

The best time to use a leave-in conditioner is after you have cleaned your hair.

I always recommend that you use a regular conditioner after washing your hair because most shampoos in the market can really dry out your hair. 

After rinsing it off and deep conditioning your hair (I highly recommend it, especially if you have colored hair), you can go ahead and apply the leave-in conditioner.

If you don’t have a regular conditioner, don’t fret. Using a good leave-in conditioner after cleansing and drying your hair will still do.

Apart from infusing moisture into the hair strands, it also makes it easier to style your hair and get on with your day.

Other reasons you should have a leave-in conditioner as part of your hair care routine is because it makes the hair easy to detangle, leaves it feeling softer and looking shiny as a result of regular use.


Best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair

Most leave-in conditioners come in the form of lotions or sprays.

The best way to apply it is by either spraying directly to your hair or applying using your palms. You can then use your fingers to massage it.

These conditioners are preferred by many because they are not only easy to apply but leave no residue.

So, which is the best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair?

There are numerous leave-in conditioners available today formulated for different types of hair.

The eight leave-in conditioners I’ve reviewed below are specifically formulated for colored hair.

Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner

best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair

This Mizani leave-in conditioner leaves up to the reputation as one of the best for colored hair.

The good news to start us off is that it’s suitable for all textures – meaning anyone who colors their hair can use it.

The conditioner works to nourish your hair by restoring moisture to it.

Not only does it hydrate the hair, but it also provides a protective shield that guards your hair against any heat damage.

The conditioner contains coconut oil which helps to moisturize dry hair strands – leaving the hair feeling soft and therefore easy to manage.

Fennel seed oil – another ingredient in this leave-in conditioner – helps to strengthens the hair and prevent breakage.

For the best results, apply this product to clean, damp hair, and style the hair as desired.

It helps to prime your curls, waves, and coils – leaving your hair shiny, soft, and free from any frizz.

The lightweight formulation makes it easy to spray and massage into your hair.

Moreover, this leave-in conditioner doesn’t leave any residue behind.


  • Protects color
  • Moisturizes the hair
  • Protects the hair against heat damage
  • It acts as a detangler
  • Controls frizz
  • Leaves no residue
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Leaves hair soft and east to manage
  • Enhances curls


  • If you use a lot of product, it can leave your hair feeling greasy


Leonor Greyl Paris Tonique Hydratant Leave-in Mist

best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair

The reason we all use a leave-in conditioner is to nourish and add moisture to our hair. This hydrating mist from Leonor Greyl serves this purpose.

The formulation is meant to be left on the hair after application meaning you can style and get on with your day. The mist is lightweight and gets easily absorbed by your hair.

It won’t weigh down your hair. You won’t be left with any residue or have unwanted grease on clean hair.

The mist contains collagen as one of the ingredients that work to strengthen and revitalize each strand. It’s easy to use because you have the option of applying it on wet or dry hair. No rinsing is required.

It works well to keep frizz at bay and soften your hair. The hair mist is cruelty-free, has no harmful paraben, and ideal to use on colored hair.

You can use it to protect the color from the effects of UV rays.


  • Comes in light mist form
  • Easy to use on wet or dry hair
  • Doesn’t require rinsing
  • Good for colored hair and guards against UV rays
  • Leaves no residue
  • Doesn’t weigh down the hair
  • Keeps your hair frizz-free
  • Moisturizes the hair


  • Doesn’t work for all types of hair


Living Proof No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner

best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair

Living Proof leave-in conditioner is a weightless formulation that you can easily use on your hair. It’s known to perfectly protect your hair from the effects of humidity.

It leaves your hair soft and shiny making it easy to style. After using it style your hair as desired and be on your way.

The leave-in conditioner moisturizes your hair leaving it nourished preventing effects of dryness.

It’s safe to use on colored hair and can even be used on chemically-treated hair.

The best way to use it is after you have washed and conditioned your hair. Towel-dry it and apply the leave-in conditioner covering every inch of the hair.

Harmful ingredients such as paraben, silicone, and phthalates have not been used to create this conditioner.

Once you use it, the results are hair free of frizz, soft and shiny. It’s ideal for all types of hair. This conditioner is in cream form that gets easily absorbed by the hair and scalp.


  • Weightless formulation adding no build-up
  • Easy to use
  • Protects hair against humidity
  • Leaves hair soft and shiny
  • Works as a moisturizer
  • Safe for colored hair
  • Prevents frizz


  • Not ideal for thin hair


Sachajuan Leave-In Conditioner

best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair

This is one leave-in conditioner that doesn’t contain any oils which might result in build-up. When used on your hair it makes the whole process of styling much easier.

With this formulation, you can expect the ocean silk technology meant to add body to your hair and leave it with a great glow and shine as a result.

Using it benefits your scalp by leaving it healthy. With aqua as one of its main ingredients, you can expect your hair to be nourished and moisturized.

The conditioner is lightweight which means it won’t weight down your hair. It makes hair more manageable and smoother.

In it, there are algae extracts that works to nourish the strands preventing breakage while protecting your color.

It’s easy to use without causing any mess and it’s best to use it on freshly cleaned hair that’s still wet. It comes in an easy to use spray bottle.


  • Oil-free formulation
  • Doesn’t result in build-up
  • Lightweight conditioner
  • Good for colored hair
  • Nourishes by adding moisture
  • Adds to the body of your hair
  • Makes hair soft and smooth
  • Prevents breakage


  • Caused more frizz for some after use


Verb Leave-in Mist

best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair

This is a power-house leave-in conditioner that plays numerous important hair roles. For one, you can use it as a detangler to get all those pesky knots undone from your hair.

It works to condition your hair leaving it soft and smooth which is more manageable. You can use it to moisturize your hair which leaves it nourished and healthy.

The conditioner works to keep frizz away from your hair and repair damaged ends. It’s ideal for restoring shine and luster to the hair while protecting color from fading. In case you want to style then apply this conditioner as it’s the best for prepping.

It adds to your hair’s elasticity reducing breakage. Once you use it, you can brush your hair to detangle or comb it out.

It’s in mist form and works well on freshly cleaned hair. Use it if you hair is fine, medium, or thick hair.

It contains Argan oil that benefits the hair by enhancing elasticity while restoring luster. Also, it has bamboo extract that strengthens the follicles of your hair while helping it retain moisture.

Another important ingredient is pro-vitamin B5 that thickens your hair naturally adding much-needed body.


  • Acts as a detangler
  • Adds body and thickness to the hair
  • Moisturizes the hair
  • Adds elasticity
  • Comes in spray form
  • Adds shine and makes hair soft
  • Prevents frizz
  • Repairs damaged ends
  • Color-safe leave-in conditioner


  • Not ideal to use on thick and long hair


Virtue Refresh Purifying Leave-In Conditioner

best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair

Finding a leave-in conditioner that makes hair manageable is at the top of the list for most of us. Here is one leave-in conditioner that works well to soften the hair making it smooth and manageable in the process.

Once you use it on long hair, you can expect to be done with pesky fly-aways. The conditioner protects hair against damage from the elements, especially from heat.

It’s ideal to use on numerous hair textures and is color-safe. This means you can use it without worrying about your dye fading.

It’s a good product to moisturize your hair which nourishes it and makes it healthy. It works as a detangler helping you style hair without much fuss.

The formulation comes in the form of a lightweight spray that leaves no residue. It doesn’t cause build-up.

Clean the hair and spray it through for the best results with much emphasis on the mid and ends of the strands. For better distribution ensure you comb your hair.

It contains a special blend of amino acids that work to nurture your hair and scalp back to health.


  • Lightweight formulation leaving no residue
  • Doesn’t result in build-up
  • Easy to use on wet clean hair
  • Nurtures the hair
  • Adds moisture to nourish your hair
  • Can be used as a detangler
  • Color-safe
  • Protects against damage


  • Heavy for some types of hair making it feel stiff


Pureology Colour Fanatic Leave-in Conditioner

best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair

A good leave-in conditioner is everyone’s best friend if you know the value of soft and manageable hair. With this gem from Pureology, you can expect the best results once you use it.

This is a one of a kind 100% vegan hair treatment that you can use safely on colored hair without the worry of fading.

It comes in a spray bottle and can be used for multiple tasks. The formulation contains important natural oils that restore oils to your hair and scalp preventing damage due to dryness.

The spray can be used for detangling purposes leaving your hair manageable, smooth, and soft. You can use it as a primer preparing the hair for heat or styling.

It provides the hair with an important protective barrier that also prevents fading of color. You can use it to prevent frizz leaving your hair shiny and in perfect condition.

It’s ideal to use as a moisturizer nourishing your hair while evening out porosity. The conditioner is weightless meaning you won’t have to worry about it being too heavy on your hair.

Your hair is strengthened and won’t easily break as you comb or brush it.


  • Leaves hair soft and smooth
  • Acts as a detangler
  • Adds luster and shine
  • Moisturizes the hair reducing dryness
  • Color-safe preventing fading
  • Acts as a primer for heat styling
  • Evens out hair porosity
  • Prevents breakage by strengthening hair


  • Smell is too strong for some users


Oribe Priming Lotion Leave-In Conditioning Detangler

best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair

This is a priming lotion that you can easily use as a leave-in conditioner to make your hair soft and silky. It works as one of the best detanglers making your hair more manageable.

It prevents breakage by strengthening the strands while hydrating it. Hydration prevents damaging dryness.

The best way to use this lotion is on wet clean hair working from the roots to the ends. After applying it, comb through your hair with fingers or by using a wide-toothed comb.

It provides thermal protection and is safe to use on colored hair. It contains no harmful ingredients like sulfates, paraben, salt, or silicone.

It’s ideal for vegans because it doesn’t contain any gluten. No animals have been used to test this product. You can use it to prevent frizz and repair damaged ends.


  • Priming lotion protecting against heat damage
  • Makes hair soft and smooth
  • Makes hair manageable
  • Hydrates and restores moisture
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Safe to use on colored hair
  • Acts as a detangler
  • Ideal for vegans


  • Has a strong smell for some


The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage and Repair Antidote Leave-In Lotion

best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair

If hair breakage is your hair’s number one enemy, this – borrowing from its name – is the antidote for you.

This deeply nourishing and repairing leave-in lotion strengthens and softens the hair, even when you’re on-the-go.

This lotion is rich in biotin, a derivative of vitamin B that repairs and rebuilds the structure of brittle, overly-damaged hair.

There are even some ingredients derived from protein-rich amino acids that help strengthen the hair shaft.

By making the hair more resilient, this leave-in conditioner minimizes hair breakage.

This lotion is also loaded with omega fatty acids and castor, avocado, and baobab oils, among other nourishing ingredients.

It’s a great way to balance hair repair with rich moisture throughout the day.


  • Safe to use on color-treated hair
  • Rich in biotin to repair and rebuild damaged hair
  • Ingredients derived from amino acids strengthen and hydrate hair
  • Loaded with oils and omega fatty acids that moisturize deeply
  • Repairs and protects the hair cuticle from harm
  • Minimizes breakage and snapping
  • Softens and smoothes the hair
  • Doesn’t weigh down the hair
  • Gives hair good slip


  • Doesn’t moisturize some hair types



Once you opt to color your hair, be ready to use the best leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair that won’t result in fading.

There are many to choose from but the best have been reviewed here.

They have added benefits including detangling (which makes your hair manageable) and helping to repair damaged hair.

You end up with strong and nourished hair.

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