best swim cap for black hair

Best swim cap for black hair (Top 6)

I like wearing braids from time to time and don’t like getting them all soaked up when I go swimming. If you’re like me and love swimming, you probably understand the struggle of finding just the right swim cap. My friends share the same sentiments as most have dreadlocks, afros, and weaves. We had to look for the best swim cap for black if we were to keep water out of our hair during swimming.

My hair is natural and I found out early on the need to wear a good silicone swim cap to protect it.

I hate the effects chlorinated water has on it especially after swimming frequently. It’s worse when my hair is dyed.

The one thing we all share in common, even with the different hairstyles for out black hair, is we don’t like how our hair feels after swimming.

Best swim cap for black hair

It’s important to get a good swim cap that covers all the hair and is completely waterproof.

If you have dreadlocks, braids, a big afro, extensions, weaves, or long hair, you may want to pick one of the following swim caps:

Extra Large Swim Cap by Dread Empire

best swim cap for black hair

This is a cap that has been designed with long dreadlocks in mind.

It’s extra-large and able to accommodate a huge volume of hair – be it dreadlocks or an afro.

The cap is made using 100% quality silicone that is very soft.

This makes it easy to put on and remove when wet.

The material is waterproof, keeping most of the water away from your hair as you swim.

The cap is not only suitable for dreads and afros but also braids, long hair, and weaves.

Anyone with a large volume of hair can wear this cap.

The material is thicker making the cap very durable.

It won’t tear easily with regular use and offers insulation when swimming in cold water.

Besides being made of quality material, it’s free of latex.

This makes the swim cap ideal for people who are allergic to latex.

The best way to wear the cap and ensure it remains on throughout your swimming session is to tie all your hair back before you wear it.

This prevents the cap from slipping off.


  • It’s made of quality silicone
  • Thicker material makes it durable
  • Large enough for dreadlocks, afros, weaves, braids, and long hair.
  • Waterproof material
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Doesn’t slip off while swimming
  • Latex-free


  • For some people, the cap can get ripped after continuous use


Black Girls Swim XL Silicone Swim Cap

best swim cap for black hair

This cap is large enough to completely cover a large volume of hair.

It’s unisex and can fit both adults and children above the age of five.

It serves both as a swimming cap and a shower cap.

The material used to make it is 100% top-quality silicone which is a favorite of most swimmers.

This is because it’s waterproof, keeping the hair mostly dry.

It’s also very thick making it a durable cap that can be used regularly.

The best way to wear this cap to prevent any snagging of the hair is to tie all of it in a bun before wearing it.

It’s very soft, making it easy to slip on and off without much strain.

The material is stretchy enough to be pulled over the ears.

This covers them and prevents water from sipping in which can be very uncomfortable.

The fitting is tight enough to keep the cap on throughout the swimming session.

This prevents it from slipping off.


  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Doesn’t snag the hair
  • Made of quality silicone
  • Thick material resulting in a durable cap
  • Can be pulled to cover the ears
  • Fits both kids and adults
  • Has a tight fit preventing it from slipping off


  • The cap doesn’t keep the hair 100% dry


XL Silicone Swim Cap by Lock Journey

best swim cap for black hair

Like many other quality swim caps that suit long and thick hair, this cap is made using premium quality silicone.

This material is ideal for swim caps because it’s waterproof and helps to keep the hair dry and away from harmful pool chemicals.

The material is thick enough to prevent easy tearing when using it frequently.

The cap’s thickness also acts as insulation for your head when swimming in cold water.

The best way to use this cap is to first tie all the hair at the back in a bun. That keeps it in place.

Follow this by pulling the cap over the hair to cover it completely.

It’s very easy to slip the cap on and off because of the flexible and stretchy material.

This means you won’t have to worry about hair getting snagged or the cap slipping off as you swim.

The cap can be pulled to cover the ears which protects them from water as you swim.


  • Made using quality silicone
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Doesn’t slip off as you swim
  • The material is waterproof
  • Good cap for long hair, dreadlocks, or braids that are even at waist length


  • It doesn’t keep the hair completely dry


Soul Cap XXL 

Soul Cap XXL is designed specifically for voluminous and long hair because it has a lot of extra room to accommodate it all.

It suits those with large afros, dreadlocks, braids, weaves, and long hair.

It keeps all the harmful chemicals on the swimming pool away from the hair as you swim.

The cap is made using 100% premium quality silicone that is long-lasting.

Besides its longevity, the material is thick, thus making it more durable.

Because the cap is soft, this makes the task of wearing it over the large volume of hair and removing it very easy.

You don’t need someone to help you wrestle all that hair into it.

Additionally, the ease of removing this cap reduces the chances of it snagging the hair which can be very uncomfortable.

The silicone material is waterproof, keeping your hair dry and protected from harsh chemicals as you enjoy laps in the pool.


  • Completely covers huge volumes of hair
  • Made using 100% silicone material
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Doesn’t snag hair which can cause discomfort
  • Waterproof material
  • Thick enough to ensure durability


  • Doesn’t totally keep the hair dry


Dsane Extra Large Swimming Cap

The Dsane Extra Large Swimming Cap is designed to fit extra-long hair perfectly without any discomfort.

It is much larger than most XL caps in the market meaning if you have hair that is very long or thick, this is the one for you.

It works to keep your beautiful hair away from all the harmful chemicals in the swimming pool like chlorine that dries out your hair.

The cap is very roomy and the top flattens once you’re in the water.

The material used to make it is high-quality silicone that is waterproof, preventing water from coming into contact with your hair.

The cap is free of latex that causes allergic reactions to some people.

It’s also is thicker, which means it’s more durable and will serve you for a longer time than most that tear easily due to huge hair volume.

The cap is very flexible, which makes the process of slipping it on and off quite easily.

You don’t have to worry about it snagging and tugging at your hair which can be painful.


  • Made of high-quality silicone
  • Flexible material that stretches easily and doesn’t snag your hair.
  • Material is thick making the cap durable
  • It’s waterproof
  • Latex-free
  • Accommodates large hair volume


  • Some water sips through but not a lot


NewYu Fitness Women’s Swim Cap

If you have long hair, dreadlocks, weaves, or long braids, this is the NewYu Fitness Women’s Swim Cap is for you.

It’s made using long-lasting silicone material.

This is the best material because it’s waterproof, keeping your hair dry and away from harmful chemicals in the pool water like chlorine.

It can fit hair that is longer than 20″ comfortably without it being too tight, which can result in a headache.

The material is thick enough to be pulled and stretched when putting it on without it ripping after a little strain.

This makes it even more long-lasting.

It’s simple to wear and remove after swimming without risking it snagging your hair.

This can be a very uncomfortable or even painful experience.

The cap is made using hydrodynamics which makes it ergonomic.

This means you get to glide through the water faster with little resistance.


  • Quality silicone material
  • It’s waterproof keeping harmful chemicals away
  • Made using hydrodynamics for less resistance in the water
  • The cap is roomy to accommodate very long and thick hair
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Doesn’t snug on the hair


  • The cap can be a little slippery


Effects of chlorine on hair

Chlorine tends to strip all the moisture and natural oils from the hair leaving it dry and brittle. The itchiness can also be unbearable.

The chlorinated water has a way of degrading the quality of weaves. Even with aftercare, it never really regains its beauty.

If you have an afro, the dryness that chlorine causes can result in brittle hair strands that are prone to breakage.

Who wants to suffer from the severe effects of chlorine damage after all the effort it takes to grow out a full, beautiful afro?

The other effect I’ve noticed of chlorine is the smell it leaves on my hair. If you swim only once in a while then this won’t be a big issue.

The same can’t be said for regular swimmers because the smell sticks to the exposed hair.

Salty water from the ocean and water from saltwater pools can also have some effect on your hair if you’re a regular swimmer but it’s not as adverse as that of a chlorinated pool.



The best swim caps for weaves, extensions, afros, long hair, dreadlocks and braids that are at waist length are made using premium silicone material.

It’s not only waterproof but flexible enough to slip on and off easily.

I’d say for you are looking for the best swim cap for black hair, consider checking out the six that are listed on this post.

I find them quite roomy caps and the best option.

All I have to do is tie my hair in a bun and slide a swim cap on.

No cap can completely prevent some water from sipping through to the hair.

However, these caps keep most of the water away.

This means that for the most part, the hair is protected from potential damage by chlorine or salty water.

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